August 26, 2009

Dobber Sports


Fantasy Guide can be found here.


Il y a un petit problème pour le téléchargement des documents – le tout va être réglé ce soir ou demain.


With the ongoing effort to beef up site security (should be all set in a few days), I lost the ability to upload any updated documents. This will be fixed within 24 hours, and since I wasn’t planning on updated the Guide until Monday anyway, there is no problem there. However, I was about to upload the French version and that particular update is in limbo. Again – solved very very soon and I do apologize.


Mike Sillinger will announce his retirement. Up next – travel agent? He can certainly tell you all there is to know about a whole lot of NHL cities


A couple of good THN articles to draw your attention to. First, a great one on John Grigg summarizing all the buyouts that the teams are on the hook for – 17 teams and 27 buyouts in all. Also, my article on the offseason outlook for CBJ, COL and CHI


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If you missed it yesterday, here is the Puck Daddy interview with Nikita Filatov. He’s pretty ripped, actually, I saw a picture. Hitchcock can’t use “too small” as an excuse this year.


The latest TSN article, in case you missed it, reports on the latest Coyotes’ insanity. Now the NHL and a late entry investors group called “Ice Edge” are the only bids besides Balsillie’s. That’s right – the NHL bid on its own team and Jerry Reinsdorf has pulled out. But the plan is, or rather the weaselly work-around is, that the NHL will win the bid war and then flip it to Reinsdorf without all the media (and the judge) standing before the process. Either that, or Ice Edge wins. Really, what matters here to the NHL is that ABB wins. That is “Anybody But Balsillie”.