September 11, 2009

Dobber Sports


Major update to the fantasy guide posted. Also the player spreadsheet is updated.


Marcus here:

For those looking for a one-year points only mock draft please refer to the pool section under “Crazynucks one-year points League”


Fantasy Guide, found here, will be updated by tomorrow with a full write-up/ analysis on the below draft.


Some quick news: Mark Parrish is trying out with the Canucks. Adam Foote has been named captain of the Avs, Brandon Dubinsky will not report to camp without a contract, and Wayne Gretzky is probably out as head coach of the Coyotes. I’ll ramble more on this stuff tomorrow.


Some interesting stuff going on last night while was in the DobberHockey Experts Draft. ESPN reported that Heatley had been moved to San Jose, Marleau had been moved to Los Angeles, and Stoll and Frolov were off to Ottawa. The Kings were quick to poo-poo that idea and TSN also confirmed through Ottawa that they are not even close to a two-way deal let alone a three-way. Still, the deal had been announced after Heatley was picked and before Frolov was picked. It made for an interesting few minutes.


Final list of names drawn now posted. Drafts take place Friday night, Sept. 25, and all day Saturday the 26th. The latest names drawn are below.


Theoren Fleury has been reinstated by the NHL. I think he’ll get a tryout somewhere and have a Claude Lemieux impact. That is – not much of one.


Mike Danton has a parole hearing today. I just found that interesting.


The Boston Globe is reporting that Phil Kessel no longer intends to negotiate with the Bruins. The Bruins offered him Krejci-like money, but he wasn’t interested. Phil – newsflash – Krejci is a better player than you. Get over yourself.


Joni Pitkanen has undergone surgery and will be out for 2-4 weeks. That wipes out his camp and increases the odds of Jamie McBain making the team (pretty much a certainty). McBain could be a pleasant surprise this year and I’ll be bumping up his “making it” odds in the Guide’s next update.


Early cuts from the Sharks include London’s Phil Varone.


The Pens have invited Jordan Parise to camp. They have also invited Ryan Bayda, who will turn down his STL invite to enter the “Sid’s linemate” sweepstakes. His odds of winning that are similar to the actual lottery jackpot odds.


As expected, last night’s draft was a tough one. Thank goodness I didn’t get a Top 3 pick finally. The last two years I’ve been screwed out of goaltending because I picked so high. This time I was a happy seventh. Definite goalie, right? Wrong. Ovechkin, Malkin, Crosby, Parise, Getzlaf, Perry, huh? It gets to me, and all of my Tier 1 goalies are around. So now I have to think that in 11 picks one of them will still be there…and Mike Green is staring me in the face. So I snag Green. I almost paid huge, as there was a run on goaltenders – next seven picks were Nabokov, Carter, Luongo, Brodeur, Kipper, Thomas and Fleury. Uh oh. Thank goodness Lundqvist was the last Tier 1 goalie still around for me. I’ll be giving full insight and analysis in the Fantasy Guide as soon as I write it up. Today or tomorrow.

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