Top 100 Roto Players – Preseason 2009

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Patrick Kane

Please remember these rankings are the result of weighing all statistical categories equally, which rotisserie rankings do. Being number one in goal scoring is the same as being number one in penalty minutes. The top 100 favours skaters as they occupy 60 percent of the scoring categories, but dominant goaltenders are recognized.


Also, because the season is only six games old, these are pre-season rankings and are based on an average of the projections of all the major fantasy publications, and not my opinions. The top 100 is a representation of what the fantasy community believes is in store for the coming season.


On November 15th we will delve into the 2010 results and see if players like Ilya Bryzgalov are still dominating, or if band-aid boys like Marian Gaborik have pulled groins once again, like a late night masseuse.


1. Alexander Ovechkin

Ovechkin is to fantasy hockey what Kanye West is to douche bags – number one. No surprise to see him lead the list again as it is almost impossible for any fantasy player to overcome his SOG totals, when coupled with his LW eligibility. Ovechkin is an easy choice for the top of this list.


2. Evgeni Malkin

What can the Big Ugly do for an encore? After winning a scoring title, the Stanley Cup and the Conn Smythe trophy, all Malkin has left to conquer is Ovechkin's grip as the top roto player in the NHL.  He may have to settle for the starting center on the Pascal Leclaire All-Stars in 2010.


3. Sidney Crosby

Crosby has dropped to the bottom of the big three as his durability continues to be his achilles heel; he has yet to complete a full schedule. With Crosby just reaching the age of 22, the question is whether he has had his breakout season and if he can stay healthy.


4. Ryan Getzlaf

Can Getzlaf ascend to the level of the Big Three in 2010? I say he can, and the biggest fear as a Canadian is not whether he can make the Olympic team, but whether he will pull a Jose Theodore and test positive for Propecia and miss the Vancouver games.


5. Corey Perry

Perry's monster finish (13 pts (8G, 5A) in his final nine games) and strong playoff has vaulted him to the best RW in fantasy hockey. He is on the verge of six-category production and he acts as a daily reminder that the Canadiens foolishly passed on him, Getzlaf, Parise, Richards and Carter for "Tweedle Dee" Andrei Kostitsyn.


6. Marc Savard

When healthy Savard has been a lock for 60+ assists and a yearly threat to crack 100 points. With the introduction of Julien’s system, Savard’s PP decline has been offset by his renewed defensive awareness. Savard has turned a -19 into a +23 over the last 2 seasons. At 32 he is beginning his descent as a fantasy performer. However, he is playing for a contract, so it is unlikely his numbers decline in 2010.


7. Tim Thomas

Can Mike Palmateer repeat his career season? After struggling to stick in the league for 15