October 25, 2009

Dobber Sports


Whoops – Ryan Vesce is out as well, according to the Mercury. Couture and McGinn are in.


In my ramblings a few months ago, after Bobby Ryan’s performance in the playoffs, I said: “Bobby Ryan isn’t quite ready to be that star just yet. Flashes of brilliance, but occasional cold spells. No longer think ’70 points’ for him next year. Think more like 60.” That received a lot of backlash (which you can no longer see because the site changed over in July). But looking at his start, I think that is where he will get to. He’ll have his cold streaks and his hot streaks and in the end it will be around 60.


Devin Setoguchi is out with a lower body injury. If that lasts beyond Pavelski’s return, then Vesce will have an extended trial in the NHL.


As Angus reports in the forum, Wellwood has a broken toe and Shirokov has been recalled.


Just a heads up on the Frozen Pool section (“Fantasy Tools” can be clicked in multiple spots on this site): It will become a “pay” section in a couple of weeks. The cost will be about fifty cents a month if you purchased my Fantasy Guide and a buck fifty if you did not. I know that much of the Internet is free, but I think we can agree that this tool is unique and amazing and Arbuthnot deserves a bit of coin for all that programming. The pricing is set so that it could be dug out of the back of your couch, but at the same time it weeds out the lazier poolies who coast through their pools by occasionally checking DobberHockey for some free tips and then “borrow” the Fantasy Guide from a friend. In essense, this gives the edge to the managers who deserve it and put in the effort. The rest of the DobberHockey site is and will always be free.


I’m taking questions in the forum for discussion on tomorrow’s Dobber Nation. Just go into the forum in the “Dobber’s Take” section and post your query.


My thoughts on Ryan Vesce, as quoted in my latest Puck Daddy article:”Okay, this one’s a real long shot and it will only last about as long as Joe Pavelski is on the sidelines. Vesce is an AHL star who is too small to plug away on the third line. Finally, the Sharks have called him up to play on the – wait for it – first line. It’s only spot shifts, but at least he is seeing time with skill players (and Dany Heatley and Thornton are towards the top of that list). He has two goals in two games and should continue to do okay until a Pavelski return forces him back to the 'A.”


Daily News is reporting NO suspension for Mike Richards. That’s from Bill Daly himself.


Niklas Bergfors has three points in his last two games. He is playing with Zubrus and Clarkson. It’s worth keepin an eye on. He’ll have his hot/cold streaks th