November 4, 2009

Dobber Sports


Some afternoon rambling… first off, here is my having fun with a comparison of the mafia and the monopolies (Rogers, Bell, etc.) who run TV/phone/net.


Next, let’s talk some Carey Price. I own him in two of my three keeper leagues, and zero of my two one-year leagues. I went after him hard because I felt that he would be the next Roberto Luongo-type of star. If you want a 70-game, 40-win goalie it’s far cheaper to draft him or acquire him early than it is to get him when he is 27 and has four 40-win seasons under his belt. He started off incredible – following up a Gold Medal win at the WJC by stepping into the AHL playoffs as a teenager and winning the championship. Then he forced his way onto the Montreal roster and posted monster numbers. The following year, last season, he continued to dominate – on December 30, Carey Price was 16-4-5 and held opponents to two goals or fewer 18 times. This is LAST YEAR – just TEN full months ago. Since then he is 9-18-6. Give up on him? Hell no. But this season looks like trouble. Here are the facts: Price is Montreal’s golden boy, beloved by both Gainey and Martin. Here are my thoughts: A trade will do him a world of good, but it will never happen. The love affair is too strong. I can see Halak starting four of every five games going forward until he gets hurt. If the Habs ever play hot behind him and he gets hurt for a couple of weeks, then Price can step in and ride that. If not, he’ll be riding the pine and looking at 30 games tops – and dismal numbers. He’ll get another shot at the No.1 job next year, and the year after, and the year after until he gets it right. But he’ll always get chances because he is the golden boy.


Now the Varlamov vs. Theodore thing. I’m still sticking to what I’ve been saying since January – this team is Varlamov’s and we’ll see that on a full-time basis down the stretch. In the meantime, when the pressure is off (i.e. NOT down the stretch), they will keep putting Theodore out there because they are paying him a crapload of money to be their No.1 guy. In the next 40 games, look for Theo to get 30 starts. In the final 25 games, look for Theo to get five starts and Varly the other 20. That’s my thought on the matter and, as I said, it hasn’t changed in nine months. Angus will tell you the opposite when he does the ramblings – and that’s what makes our arrangement so great. Differing opinions. My point against Angus is when he cites Theodore’s contract year. Yes the numbers are better, but only marginally – and in Colorado he was able to get those better numbers because the alternative was to play Budaj whenever Theo sucked. So they had let Theo play through it. In Washington, they don’t have to settle for a Budaj. They can turn to Varlamov, who has the talent to never give the job back once he has it.


Thanks to barneyg in the comments below for pointing this out – because Price signed a contract at age 20, he must clear waivers before being sent down if he 1. is 24 years of age OR 2. has played 80 NHL games. He has played 102 NHL games so he would have to clear waivers. So that pretty much leaves a trade, if Price needs some sort of shake-up.


Carey Price didn’t have to face Ilya Kovalchuk, yet still allowed five goals on 30 shots. The best thing for him now is to play out the season in Hamilton. He’s a monster goaltender who desperately needs his confidence back. He hasn’t had it since his ankle inju