Dobber 3-Tiered Pool Update – End November

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First off, an apology to the Dobber faithful. The plan was to provide an update at the end of October, but there was a slight hiccup along the way. While out in Vancouver for work, the memory stick that had my end October standings and write up were stolen along with several other valuable items (good old Van City!). The good news is that some of the property was recovered, including the memory stick. Now, on with the update!




What a difference a year (or two) makes. Two years ago The Comish was riding high, having won the inaugural Dobber Hockey Experts League. Last season, The Comish finished second. Two months into the current season and The Comish sits dead last and has for the entire season thus far. Embarrassed and frustrated are two words that readily come to mind. Sure injuries and poor starts have hit most of us, but at the end of the year they are only excuses.


Alright, enough about me. The real story in the Experts League at this point is Youth Injection. This guy was second in the Entry Division two years ago (qualifying him to move up) and last year topped the Pro Division to earn his entry to the Experts League. He led the Experts League at the end of October and as of the end of November, sits second to The Silver Hammers.


The big movers from October to November were Angus, who went from eighth to fourth (+12.5 points), while Youth Injection dropped to second from first (-13.5) and Lanky522, who fell from third to eighth (-11.5).


Some of the better free agent acquisitions over the past two months were:  Michael Del Zotto, Wojtek Wolski and Matt Carle by Third Degree Burns, Rich Peverley by Doulos-The Hockey Robot, Matt Moulson and Niclas Bergfors by Lanky522 and Jamie Benn by the Legion of Dobber.


There were only two trades in the first couple of months, with the first one happening before the season even got underway:


Sept. 15

To Maaaasquito Bites:  L-Parise NJ, R-St.Louis TB and C-Gagner Edm

To Notch:  C-Carter,J Phi, L-Smyth,R LA and D-Campoli Ott


Nov. 27

To The Comish:  L-Penner Edm

To Youth Injection:  C/R-Briere Phi


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