Everything You Wanted to Know About: Mikko Koivu

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Anyone want to hazard a guess who was the number one Yahoo skater over the past month?


Ryan Getzlaf certainly has experienced a nice turnaround in November, and Phil Kessel has made his arrival in Leaf Nation known, but the number one ranked skater for the past 30 days was Mikko Koivu.  He is now ranked 18th overall, and is the 9th best centre this season.



That's not bad for a guy who was given an O-rank of 111 this year, and who, in one out of every four Yahoo leagues, still sits on waivers.


Koivu's Numbers

The 25-year-old Fin was selected by the Minnesota Wild 6th overall in 2001, and has played with the big club since the end of the lockout in 2005.


More recently, Koivu-the-Younger earned a Yahoo rank of 153rd in 2007-08, then improved to 45th last year, but only earned an O-rank of 111 coming into this season.  That's pretty much a death sentence for a centre in fantasy hockey.  With so many quality centres out there, the best Koivu could have hoped for, based on that O-rank alone, was to be stashed on fantasy team benches.  Maybe you were smarter/luckier to know better, but I think even the savviest experts didn't expect Koivu in the top-50.


The table below shows some of Koivu's key numbers during his career in the NHL.  Statistics for the 2009/10 campaign include actual numbers as of December 8th, as well as forecasted numbers for the end of the season based on his current pace (these are indicated with an asterisk).






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