December 13, 2009

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Two good points in the comments section below (I love our readers – LOVE them!). Stoa was recalled over Hensick because of re-entry waivers. Sometimes I can’t see the forest through all the trees. Also, another great discovery – Stephen Weiss is FIFTH in scoring over the past month. I’m proud to say that I drafted him in the Experts League and dropped him about six weeks ago. Did I say “proud”? I meant “horribly embarrassed”.


Peter Mueller is down to eight minutes of ice time again…meanwhile Petr Prucha has five points in his last 29 games and still sees 15 minutes.


Matt Stajan has 17 points in his last 16 games.


I’m concerned that Brooks Laich will suffer – and has been suffering – from the return of Mike Knuble, Alex Ovechkin and the emergence of Mat Perreault. He is pointless in four and has just seven in his last 16. Before that he had 18 in 17. Hopefully you sold high.


Don’t look now, but the Leafs are two points out of ninth. What the?


37 points would put Detroit in sixth in the East, but they sit ninth in the West…interesting stuff. Tough Conference and they are in trouble. Especially considering VAN and CBJ are also out of the playoffs and deserve to be in.


The Isles are rolling three scoring lines now – Tavares, with Moulson and Comeau now; Bailey with Neilsen and Okposo; Schremp with Hunter and Joensuu. That could mean points ahead for Comeau.


Meanwhile, Schremp has points in three of the last four games that he dressed for. I don’t know why they don’t try him on the wing with JT – I think they would like that result.


I have a feeling about Vladimir Sobotka – I think that in 2010-11 you’ll see him break out and get 65 points. He just plugs away with sporadic 10-minute ice time and when needed he pops up and chips in a point. Another NHL team would do well to inquire about him. In keeper leagues, he’d be a good stash-away now, the wait won’t be long…


I’m still watching the ice time Giroux gets vs. JVR under the new coach. Giroux was at 19 minutes last night vs. JVR at 14. I’m concerned that Laviolette is putting the reins on JVR for the time being. In a week or so, when Gagne returns, I will be concerned about Giroux as well. JVR has just one point in his last 11 games.


Nik Bergfors is still going nutty – 20 in his last 24 games. He’s second among rookies now.


Vladimir Zharkov is still hanging in there. He has four points in his last six. The Devils have brought him along beautifully and I think in two or three years you’re going to see him as a steady 65-point second liner with upside.


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Zharkov has been playing with Elias and Rolston, while Bergfors has joined Parise and Zajac. That’s bad news for Langenbrunner owners, who see their guy with Pandolfo and Niedermayer.
Brian Rolston has 12 points in his last 11 contests.


There was a Kovalev sighting last night. He was seen in O