January 13th, 2010

Jeff Angus


Dobber’s Puck Daddy article is up now. Check it out here.


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Some early afternoon updates:


Once a band-aid boy, always a band-aid boy. Pascal Leclaire “pulled up lame” at practice today, according to the Ottawa Sun. (What is he, a horse?) Brian Elliott is battling the flu, so Mike Brodeur has been recalled and is expected to start tonight.


Tampa Bay has recalled Dustin Tokarski.


Colin Campbell still is an idiot. Puck Daddy puts it better than I ever could. Campbell and the NHL, who have stated COUNTLESS times that they want to ban headshots, find some insane way of justifying Gonchar’s because Clutterbuck “hit him hard” earlier in the shift? Good grief.


Campbell then goes on to say Gonchar hit him with his shoulder? Umm….


Back to fantasy hockey  – this headshot/suspension stuff gets me a bit riled up sometimes.


After missing time with a groin injury, Colin Wilson is (slowly) rounding in to form. 11 points in 24 games at the AHL level is far from impressive, but he is playing his best hockey of the season right now. I expect him to earn at least one call-up down the stretch here.


Carey Price is staring tonight as the Habs host Dallas.


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Michal Neuvirth had his second dud in a row after being a surprise start. Jose Theodore was perfect in mop up duty and the Caps ended up coming back from 4-1 down to win. If I was a betting man, I’d say Jose gets the next start!


Daniel Alfredsson, originally supposed to be out for a few more weeks, may play on Monday. Someone needs to check this guy to make sure he isn’t on something – this is the second straight significant injury he has brushed off much earlier than expected!


Cool article from two summers ago on Alex Burrows. This was before his big breakout 28 goal season. It is wide knowledge that Burrows worked his way up from the ECHL, but for a time he was also regarded as the best ball hockey player on the planet.


Dobber’s Hockey News column from yesterday.


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Alex Goligoski (finally) returned to Pittsburgh's struggling power play's top unit. He had an assist, and played o