February 19, 2010

Jeff Angus


I expect that Mats Zuccarello Aasen (Norway) will get a shot with an NHL team every soon. He is small (very small), and was overlooked during his draft eligibile years because of this. The fact that he played hockey in Norway obviously didn’t help either. However, he is fast and incredibly skilled, and plays an NHL game. He is making world class plays against world class defensemen.


Dobber’s latest over at Puck Daddy.


It’s back! Got a fantasy question on your mind? Ask me here!


Darren Dreger expects Boston to add a defenseman via the trade route once the transaction freeze lifts after the Olympics. He didn’t name any names. Expect a flurry of activity, as most teams play only one game until the March 3rd deadline.


Martin Brodeur is confirmed by Mike Babcockas the Sunday starter for Canada.


Update – Brodeur will get the win. An OT win will be considered a win for the purposes of the DobberHockey Olympics pool.


The Olympics pool – some scoring snafus to clarify: Crosby’s overtime goal counts as a goal in International hockey (the winner) so it counts in our pool. Martin Brodeur got the win, but it was an overtime win according to IIHF rules. I  (Dobber) will look at this with Angus and figure out a proper and fair way to score this and post the result here in the ramblings. Right now, Brodeur does not have a win in the pool.


Slovakia/Russia. In a word…. wow! What a game! Chara was a monster all game. Meszaros had to contain Ovechkin and did a pretty good job. Kovalchuk was buzzing, as was Malkin. So great to see the likes of Palffy and Stumpel back out there.


Both goalies were fantastic. Jaro Halak is a special, special goalie. He has the upside to be one of the best in the world, if he isn’t there already. Montreal won’t make a mistake by keeping him, even if Price develops into the goalie that many are expecting.


Pavol Demitra, who scored the shootout winner, was absolutely amazing last night. Makes you wonder if he can return to being a point-per-game guy down the stretch. Sure, playing with Marian Hossa helps, but Demitra is competing and battling extremely hard. The pride of playing for Slovakia is obviously taking over. He has an interesting shootout style of going out very wide. In theory, it cuts down on his angle to attack, but he is able to get the goalie moving very quickly because of it. He is close to 50% in his career in shootouts, so it obviously works for him.


Scott Niedermayer was absolutely awful last night. Slow (I know, right?), weak on the puck, and he made about 10 horrible passes that led to a change in possession. Keith was a bit dicey as well still, he seems nervous to me.