February 21, 2010

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What an underrated team the Slovaks are. I’ve always been a fan of this team, whose only weakness had been in goal over the years. Now that problem is solved with Halak, although they aren’t quite as deep as they were up front in the past. Easily the fifth best team in the tourney and those in the Top 4 better be looking over their shoulder.


So how could Canada only manage two goals against Switzerland, but Norway manages four? And they seemed to score seconds after giving up a goal.


I agree with Angus that Jaromir Jagr will be in the NHL next year. I think it was three issues ago in the The Hockey News where Ken Campbell wrote a fascinating piece on him and I came away under the strong impression that we’ll see him next year and he’ll play another two or three years yet. And I also agree that his upside is still a point per game. I think you can probably expect 70 points out of him though.


We don’t always agree though, Angus and I, and we sure don’t see eye to eye on Jonathan Toews on the big line. He played the second half of last game on that line and all I kept asking myself over and over again was ‘why’? And now apparently they are practicing with Mike Richards on that line. Why all the line scrambling? Jarome Iginla played well on that line – granted, against Norway – but I think he has earned a longer look. It’s a short tournament and I don’t think you can afford to not settle on lines. That’s what you have practice for. And whether it works or not, you sink or swim. Changing lines every period just seems panicky. For what it’s worth – I don’t mind Bergeron there, or Iginla, and I think Perry is a good fit as well. But pick one and stick with it. Let the guys get comfortable.


Mike Babcock would be blamed anyway if Canada fails to win gold… but I wouldn’t have blamed him. This line combo uncertainty is something that would cause me to place blame there – warranted or not.


TSN is reporting that Mikhail Grabovski was involved in an altercation in a Vancouver bar and was taken into custody. He was later released and the investigation is ongoing. Bears watching.


71 poolies chose the current Olympics scoring leader in the DobberHockey Olympics Pool – Sergei Kostitsyn – out of about 2400 entries.


Player who could emerge from this tourney with an NHL job – Patrick Thoresen (Norway – PHI, but will be UFA in the summer) and Roman Wick (Swiss – Ottawa). Thoresen, 26, could be a decent second liner on a weak team. Wick may never come over because the Swiss league pays so damn well. I also think Hnat Domenichelli has it in him to play in the NHL, but apparently is very happy right where he is with his Swiss wife.


Mike Comrie proposed to Hilary Duff last week and she accepted. Expect a big surge in his production as he rides this high – just kidding. I don’t know what the hell this will mean. Probably the opposite, if anything.

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James Reimer is 8-2-1 for the Marlies, 2,21 and 0.930. If Gustavsson decide