Palushaj to Montreal for D’Agostini

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Fantasy Analysis: Montreal has traded young forward Matt D’Agostini to St. Louis for prospect forward Aaron Palushaj.


The Canadiens get: a hardworking, but skilled prospect with the potential to be one of those clutch players that every team loves. He is further from being NHL ready than we thought last summer. Palushaj is No. 73 on my Fantasy Prospects List

The Blues get: a two-way player with similar upside to Palushaj, but who is in the NHL right now. That is to say, they got Palushaj but two years from now. D’Agostini is No. 41 on my Fantasy Prospects List

Fantasy Players Impacted: This won’t effect anyone in the Montreal organization and Palushaj is in the same boat that he was in St. Louis. The depth wingers in St. Louis may see a decline in ice time, but otherwise it’s just another body up front. Patrik Berglund’s ice time may see a tiny tweak downwards, but that’s marginal at most. D’Agostini gets a fresh start and a bump in ice time, and as such comes out the winner here, fantasy-wise.

Players this deal helps, in order:

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1. Matt D’Agostini

2. Sergei Kostitsyn

Players this hurts, in order:

1. Patrik Berglund (marginal)