April 15, 2010

Jeff Angus



Milan Michalek is out for the playoffs with a torn ACL. This will be his FOURTH major knee surgery.


Puck Daddy chats with Wayne Gretzky.


The Maple Leafs re-signed Jonas Gustavsson this morning. He signed a two year deal worth about $1.3 million per season. Look for him and Giguere to split starts next season, with the hopes that he will be ready to start in 2011-12.


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Part 2 of my Prime Cuts article series will be out tomorrow. I’ll unveil the third line and the second defensive pairing. Any guesses? If you have read my articles throughout the season, it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out who will make the grade. Keith Yandle, who made the team (and was featured in Part 1), had a great game for the Coyotes last night.


I’ll try and have a weekly question and answer chat throughout the playoffs and summer. I get a lot of feedback on these, and I enjoy dispensing advice! Perhaps I’ll try and get something scheduled on a regular basis.


The hockey played in the Cup Final is impossible to beat, but the first round comes very close. Four games on television every single night? Hell yes!


Brad Richards led the Western Conference in powerplay points this season (and trailed only Steven Stamkos for the overall lead). Dallas has the right pieces in place to improve quickly (two strong veteran centers, tons of youth at wing). They need to add a defenseman or two, and hope that Kari Lehtonen buys a gym pass this summer.


Playoff Draft List – for info click here.


According to Darren Dreger, Brian Campbell could be back for game three in the Chicago/Nashville series. The Hawks are also missing Kim Johnsson on the back end, and they are going to need Hjalmarsson and Sopel (yikes) to step up and log more minutes – at least for the next two games.


Chris Botta believes that the Islanders will be close to $10 million BELOW the cap floor this summer. What does that mean? Well, they are forced to add $10 million in salary. Their needs are many, so speculate away!


Does Marty St. Louis want to be traded? This article (containing quotes from Marty) does a bit of speculating. That loud noise is the collective screaming of poolies who own Steven Stamkos.


Dobber made a great point in the April 12th ramblings regarding Rick Nash. I traded him last summer for Marc-Andre Fleury, as I feel Nash is one of the most overrated players in fantasy hockey. He simply doesn't record enough assists or play with the consistency needed to be a top level forward over a full season. He dominates during short tournaments because his size/skill package is out-of-this-world good, but he has yet to translate that to the rigors of the 82 game schedule. If you can deal him for an 85-95 point player, do it.


Rangers beat writer Andrew Gross weighs in with his offseason insights. Great read. Will the Rangers be willing to pay Wade Redden $6.5 million to ride the bus in Hart