May 11, 2010

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If one goalie plays all regulation (regular + OT or 65 minutes) then he will be credited with a shutout, even in a 0-0 tie. Even if a backup goalie comes in after 65 minutes for the shootout, the goalie to allow no goals during all regulation minutes will be credited with the shutout.  In the case of a 0-0 tie after 65 minutes of regulation and overtime, both goalies, if they played all minutes, will be awarded a shutout.
Note: If one goalie did not play the entire game, and instead two goalies were to play during regulation time (regular + OT) for one team and allow no goals, it will be a shutout awarded to the “team”, neither goalie for that team will be credited with a shutout.


The Pens made Alexei Ponikarovsky and Ruslan Fedotenko a healthy scratch again. As well as Letestu has been playing, I know Poni well enough to know that scratching him a second time was a mistake. He would have responded to the first scratch and as far as offense goes, he is the fourth best forward on this team.


Fleury’s on-again, off-again ways continue. There is no way he should have allowed the Lapierre goal. Sliding along the ice like a fish when he should have been on his feet. He can go post to post a lot quicker than that, that was terrible. How the Pens do in Game 7 will depend on which Fleury shows up. Amazing – the Habs could go to the Final.


Jaroslav Spacek was back in the lineup and scored for the first time in 51 games. Hal Gill was too sore to get in.


Brian Boucher hurt his knee last night and left the game. Michael Leighton came in and preserved the shutout. I’m not sure how that is scored in fantasy leagues but I’ll let you know when I find out. didn’t give either of them the shutout (but Boucher the win). The Forecaster gave the shutout to Leighton and I think most official stat sites will follow suit.


Claude Giroux was also hurt after taking a hard hit. He sat out the third period and may have suffered a head injury.

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These injuries have given Ville Leino the ice time he needs to earn himself respect. He has five points in his last four games getting second-line ice time. But with a healthy roster next season, I don’t see him getting the opportunity in Philly unless they create some room for him via a trade.


Ryan Smyth suffered a broken foot over at the World Hockey Championship. Plenty of time until training camp though.


Brian Boucher’s terrible knee (or knees) injury: