May 13, 2010

Jeff Angus


Goldman here – it only took me a year to realize I can add ramblings ;) Did you know Harri Sateri was re-signed by the Sharks a few days ago? Also Sergei Bobrovsky’s deal – a $900K base NHL salary with $850K in potential performance bonuses. Yes, he’s that good.


How does Halak handle adversity? With the win last night, he is now 5-0 in games when facing elimination with a dazzling .960 save percentage. As DobberHockey member ‘jayz16’ puts it – Halak’s dirtier than John Tortorella’s mouth!


Congrats to the Habs for another improbable series victory. Halak was great, but he isn’t the only story any more. This is a team that has players all excelling in their respective roles, and one getting heroic performances from the likes of Josh Gorges and PK Subban on the blueline. I am now 4-7 with my 2010 playoff predictions (Bob McKenzie is 0-3 in the second round so far so I don’t feel as bad…).


Sticking with Gorges, I remember going to see him play for Kelowna a while back in the WHL. He was the best player on the ice (on a team with the likes of Shea Weber, Blake Comeau, and Kyle Cumiskey), and much to my surprise was undrafted. His story is similar to Rangers defenseman Dan Girardi – both were fantastic junior defensemen but slipped because of size/skating issues. Gorges has a heart of 10 lions, and San Jose recognized that when they offered him a contract about 30 minutes after the draft concluded. Players like him make me hope that one day blocked shots are a standard fantasy hockey category!


I am eagerly anticipating the 2010 Prospects Report, which is coming out on June 1st. Bugg’s mock draft is all I need to prepare for the 2010 Entry Draft. How’s that for a pitch?


I got a phone call last night from ramprat, a DobberHockey veteran member, who was in Vegas and looking to buy a ticket. He settled on Pittsburgh and Philadelphia… You lose some, you win some.


I posted this yesterday on the message boards – Darryl Sutter loses a year off of his lifespan each time Mike Cammalleri finds the back of the net. Sutter made a collection of gaffs over the past year in Calgary, but letting Cammalleri walk was easily his biggest.


According to a reputable source, Washington has signed/is close to signing Nick Backstrom to a 10-year, $69 million contract extension. Great cap hit and great term for one of the best centers in the game. This has been denied by Backstrom’s agent, however.


Did someone spike the water here at DobberHockey over the past week? Our columnists kicked it up a notch with a series of gems. Russ Miller started things off with a rather timely piece on the Montreal Canadiens last week. Justin Goldman weighed in on Roberto Luongo's playoff struggles. Ryan Ma broke down essentially everything relating to fantasy hockey in an article for the ages, and then Brent Lemon debated the merits of including penalty minutes in fantasy hockey.