DobberHockey`s Expert Panel – Third Round

Jeff Angus


Patrick Roy

Here are the individual and averaged predicitions for the third round of the NHL playoffs from Dobber, Angus, Bugg, Ma, Miller, and more! The panel’s consensus picks were 12-3 last year, and we boast an impressive 34-11 record over the past three seasons! However, this season the panel has struggled a bit. Matt Bugg has been the most successful, going 9-3 through the first two rounds.

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Expert PHI vs. MTL SJ vs. CHI Record to date
Dobber PHI in 7 SJ in 6 (4-8)
Jeff Angus PHI in 7 SJ in 7 (5-7)
Matt Bugg MTL in 7 CHI in 7 (9-3)
Chris Boyle PHI in 6 SJ in 7 (7-5)
Russ Miller PHI in 6 SJ in 6 (6-6)
Ian Fergusson PHI in 6 CHI in 7 (6-6)
Justin Goldman MTL in 6 SJ in 6 (6-6)
Marcus Schalle MTL in 6 CHI in 6 (5-7)