May 17, 2010

Jeff Angus



Want me to audit your fantasy hockey team? I already have received a few dozen e-mails, and had to pick only a few of them. I will try and get to a team a day until Dobber returns (next Monday). Thanks gents!


The Prospect Report is out June 1st. Pick it up now and support the site! Dobber and Matt Bugg break down the best prospects in the league, both drafted and undrafted. Bugg also weighs in with his thoughts on the 2010 NHL Entry Draft with a comprehensive mock draft. Ryan Van Horne and Justin Goldman are also contributing to the report.


Is matching lines stupid? Can it hurt you? Justin Bourne weighs in with his thoughts over at Puck Daddy. Fantastic piece. Bourne has had a few gems this week as he covers for Greg Wyshynski.


Dale Tallon is the new GM of the Florida Panthers, after Randy Sexton was let go earlier today. Tallon did a great job building the Blackhawks, but was cast aside (as a scapegoat, in my opinion) to let Stan Bowman take over. He was blamed for the Huet/Campbell contracts, even though ownership pressured him into making the two moves.


The Backstrom extension clarifies Alex Semin’s future with the Capitals (or lack thereof). He has one year left on his contract (at $6 million) – don’t expect him back after that. Where does he go? Any ideas? For all of the criticism he gets (from me especially…), Semin is a legitimate 40+ goal scorer. He is one dimensional, but there isn’t anything more important than goals in hockey.


He did have a poor first round against Montreal (two assists in seven games), but he had 14 points in 14 games during Washington’s playoff run last spring.


Nicklas Backstrom’s extension – 10 years, $67 million. Very good deal for all parties involved.


Dobber is off to Mexico for a much needed vacation, so the site is mine to run for the next week!


Brock Trotter is having a heck of a postseason so far with the Hamilton Bulldogs. He had two spectacular assists last game – the video is up on the Dogs official website. I apologize in advance for the annoying play-by-play! The second pass in particular was absolutely jaw-dropping.


Trotter is waiver-eligible if he fails to make the Habs next season – you can bet he is on the radar of a few clubs around the league. The Habs signed him as a free agent out of the University of Denver in 2008. He is a long shot to make it as an offensive forward in the NHL, but he has been fantastic all season in the AHL. In deep keeper leagues, he bears watching.


The other series in the AHL features Manchester and Hershey – Bernier vs. Neuvirth. Hershey is up 2-0 so far, and Neuvirth has been spectacular. Varlamov probably has the (very slight) edge over Neuvirth with regards to the starting position next season, but Washington will let the two duke it out in training camp (assuming they don’t make a move to bring in another goalie in the summer).


Does someone take a piss in Glenn Healy's cornflakes every morning? He is constantly whining, slamming players, and negatively commenting on anything and everything. He makes me miss Pierre McGuire…


I caught most of the Sweden/Canada game yesterday. Jonas Gustavsson was awesome. I found a lot of the time in Toronto he was over committing to shots and relying too much on his flexibility, and both things got him into trouble on a consistent basis. He was aggre