Angus Audits Your Team – The LPPQ Whalers

Jeff Angus



Wondering what your plan of attack should be this summer? Preparing for a draft? Upset about some trades you made in the past? I'll weigh in with my thoughts on the interesting and important issues.


Today I'll be taking a look at the team submitted to me by DobberHockey member Benoit, known on the message board as 'LPPQWhalers.'


The League


Nine team league (expanding to 10 this summer)


Points-only league


Goals = 1 point


Assists = 1 point


Wins = 2 point


Shutout = 1 bonus point


20 moves allowed during the season (moving a player from active roster to bench counts as a move, and vice versa)


Roster Size

30 player rosters


20 on the active roster


14 forwards (no positional requirements)


Four defensemen


Two goaltenders


10 player bench


Allowed to protect 15 players at the end of each season


The other 15 are waived, and are eligible to be drafted in the summer (at the same time as free agents and newly drafted players)


The Roster

(My 15 keeper choices are bolded)



Jason Spezza

Mike Richards

Paul Stastny

Thomas Vanek