June 27, 2010

Dobber Sports


Goldie here. I finally settled down from the insanity that was the draft. I’m in heaven, as I get to see plenty of Aittokallio, Pickard and even Sam Brittain (headed to DU) over the next few years. Check out my Goalie Draft Tracker for extensive analysis on the first 11 goalies chosen.


Regarding Karlsson now with Calgary, I echo Dobber’s sentiments in the sense that everyone should keep a VERY close eye on him. You’ll learn a lot more about his style and fantasy upside in tomorrow’s School of Block! Please note that “The Current State of Predators Goaltending” will be pushed back another week so we can focus on draft reviews and the free-agency frenzy. 


Thanks to fzusher for digging this up – Henrik Karlsson did not actually put his signature on a KHL contract, as he was hoping to get into the NHL this year. He will play in Calgary and will back up Kiprussoff. Given how shaky Kipper has been – more and more frequently the last two seasons – do not be shocked if Karlsson steals the job by midseason. I know it seems unfathomable, but we have seen sleeper goalies hone in on established, well-paid goalies before: Mason vs. Vokoun, Ellis vs. Mason, Rinne vs. Ellis, Bryzgalov vs. Giguere, Backstrom vs. Fernandez… The translated link is here.


The Flyers are negotiating with Evgeni Nabokov. If they sign him, they’ll think all their problems are solved. But what if Nabokov is declining? What if he was never a 93/100 goaltender? What if he was only, say 82/100 skill-wise and his team’s system brought him the other 11/100? Would the Flyers be signing Khabibulin II? You saw how effective Khabibulin was last year. The Oilers signed him at 36. Nabokov will be 35 next month. That being said, Nabokov is far healthier than ‘Bulin and is a much better goaltender at this stage in his career. But I don’t believe he’s as good as his numbers and I definitely don’t believe he’ll be as good as his contract. Would $6 million force the team to trade Jeff Carter? Would Flyer fans prefer Nabokov and minimum salary center, or Carter and a minimum salary goaltender? Just thoughts I’m putting out there. I liked the idea of the Flyers acquiring Price or Halak over this idea. And just to stop any angry commenters before they start, I will clarify again – I don’t think Nabokov is as bad as Khabibulin – he is far better (and healthier) at this stage. I just think that he’ll be a No. 12 goalie in the league getting paid No. 3 or 4 salary. I know it’s been a Philly weakness for years and years, but this might be overcompensating.


Columbus draft pick Petr Straka (second round) has the upside of Martin Havlat, according to Allan Walsh his agent. Hopefully that upside is in offense, and not injuries.


Chicago made 10 picks on the weekend. Because they need more depth. Just kidding. But this is brilliant strategy and not even cap issues will stop this team from being a contender for the next decade. The pipeline – and the NHL team – is flush with talent.


Carolina acquired Jonathan Matsumoto from the Flyers. He’s a fourth liner who will be in and out of the lineup. But he’s also a bit of an overac