Tampa Signs Dan Ellis

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Fantasy Impact: Tampa Bay Lightning sign goaltender Dan Ellis to a two-year deal.


The Lightning get: A solid 1A/1B goaltender who joins a solid 1A/1B situation. Both Smith and Ellis were former Stars and Smith eventually passed Ellis on the depth chart. Now the roles have switched and it looks like for now Ellis will be the 1A. But nothing is settled and the team will go with the hot hand.


Fantasy Players Impacted: A cheap goalie increases the odds of Vincent Lecavalier remaining where he is. If I were to guess, and I’m really just throwing darts here, but I would say 55 games for Ellis and 35 for Smith – partly due to Smith’s Band-Aid Boyness.


Fantasy Players this move helps:

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1. Ellis, slightly


Fantasy Players this move hurts:

2. Smith, slightly (we knew a signing of a goalie was coming)