July 13, 2010

Dobber Sports



Angus here – working away on my contributions for the 2010-11 DobberHockey Fantasy Guide. Released August 1st – get excited! This thing gets bigger and better each year.


Saw this interesting quote from last year’s guide: “Now that he is back to having a stable role with a team, Jussi Jokinen will rebound to a 50-to 55-point player again.” Not bad. A little low, but a better statement then found anywhere else, no? Yep, you guessed it – I’m on Carolina in the Guide and I’m procrastinating.


The Flyers have come to terms with Daniel Carcillo on a one-year contract. The agitator is capable of 45 points and 300 PIM but will never have the leash taken off to do it. He’ll be stuck in that 25-35 range and 200-250 as a result. Taking the leash off would no doubt cost games.


My Detroit and Edmonton offseason fantasy report is up on THN here.


Chicago may have six players to sign, but they are actually permitted to go 10 percent above the cap. That means they have $6 million to sign six players or so. They could do that and then jettison Huet to the minors ($5.6 cap hit). That actually does solve much of the problem. But to get Niemi signed they would indeed need to move Brian Campbell or Patrick Sharp. I’m sure the Hawks would prefer Campbell, but that’s a tough contract to move.


If Campbell does get moved, that takes a player out of the Tomas Kaberle game – and Brian Burke’s waiting game, which would have paid off, will be hurt and possibly crippled.


Maxim Lapierre has signed a one-year deal with the Habs, making Carey Price their only RFA left to sign.


The Ducks have signed Josh Green to a two-way contract.


San Jose has signed offensive rearguard Sean Sullivan to a contract. The 26-year-old has never played an NHL game and is probably a career minor leaguer, but you look at San Jose’s blue line and you can’t help but think that he’s a roster injury away from jumping onto all of our radars.


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The Oilers have signed Devan Dubnyk to a two-year contract. He won four of his last six games after losing his first eight. The 6-5 netminder looked very good in those six games and he will back up JDD WHEN Khabibulin gets hurt.


Chris Conner has re-signed with the Penguins. An excellent depth addition who has proven that if the Pens need him for two or three games, he fills in nicely. Any hope of being used on one of the big lines is long gone though. Brett Sterling is the new experiment/ long shot.


Matching the Hjalmarsson offer was the right move for the Hawks, but now they’ll not only need to bury Huet in the minors, but they’ll also need to move Brian Campbell. The thing is, they can do both of those things and still be a Top 5 team next year. That’s how deep their system is. Yes, they’ve lost Ladd, Byfuglien, Versteeg and Eager… but they can add Stalberg, Skille and