A 30-minute Meditation on Alexander Frolov

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A 30-minute Meditation on Alexander Frolov

The Ilya Kovalchuk drama is exhausting. Serious, it's worse than the Phoenix Coyotes' ownership catastrophe of last summer.


But once Kovalchuk finds a home (in the NHL), I have no doubt that poolies' interest in him come draft day will only be heightened. Yet it doesn’t take a genius to draft an elite player like a Crosby, an Ovechkin or a Kovalchuk. Winners are usually built through the tricky middle rounds. And with that in mind, my thoughts recently turned to another Russian free agent. While Alexander's Frolov's stock has fallen of late, he may well surprise some this year, and it's guaranteed that you won't have to waste a high pick to land the winger.


I was in Burlington the other day, visiting the in-laws. Now I got pretty lucky when it came to the in-law lottery, but having grown up in Scarborough, I feel obligated to poke fun at upper-middle class Burlington whenever I visit. Seriously, the place is wall-to-wall Beemers, Range Rovers, and Lexuses (Lexi?). If I was braver (or larger) I’d love to inquire about some Grey Poupon at a red light, à la Wayne Campbell. And have you seen the McDonalds at Appleby and Upper Middle? The exterior is done in a style that only be described as 'post-modern-ultra-posh'.


All that said, Burlington is also home to Bronte Provincial Park, a jewel of a spot. The park has a massive outdoor pool that can only be described as an artificial lake (this is Burlington after all). And the park also has a nice little inline trail.


Which is exactly where I found myself the other day, enjoying a 30 minute skate, thinking about what else?  Fantasy hockey.


Here’s a slightly edited version of my thoughts…


One of my favourite ways to get ahead in my pools is to take calculated risks in my draft. I always pick a skater (or two) who may be down on his luck, but who I think has a good chance of rebounding. There’s no doubt that to win your pool your 'best players have to be your best players' (as any of the personalities on HNIC might say), but many Stanley Cup champions have to  point to role-players whose uncharacteristic productivity was vital to the team's victory, and I like rolling the dice on guys who might do that for me.


Nice day.  Man, do I ever need to brush up on my skills…that last puddle nearly landed on my butt.  Why am I rollerblading right after a thunderstorm anyway?


A change of scenery is often the catalyst for improved productivity when it comes to environmental or personality problems…which brings me to none other than Alexander F