July 21, 2010

Dobber Sports



Clarke MacArthur was awarded $2.4 million in arbitration today and the Thrashers have indeed decided to walk away from it. MacArthur is now an unrestricted free agent.


David Perron has signed a two-year contract for $4.3 million.


Joffrey Lupul reported on his Twitter account that he will undergo an MRI on his back today. He only recently began skating again and apparently the back is still bothering him. I’m moving him from “sleeper” to “high risk” now, but will follow closely.


Some of you long-time readers may remember Thieving Giraffe from the forum. Well, he’s been tied up in law school for several years now, but still checks in from time to time. He had this to say about the Kovalchuk issue, from a legal standpoint:

“As dual legal/hockey junky, I got all hopped up evaluating the legality and basis for this veto. Thought I’d share my thoughts, if you’re interested. The veto is reportedly based upon Section 26.3 of the CBA, which reads as follows:

CBA § 26.3: (a) No Club or Club Actor, directly or indirectly, may: (i) enter into any agreements, promises, undertakings, representations, commitments, inducements, assurances of intent, or understandings of any kind, whether express, implied, oral or written, including without limitation, any SPC, Qualifying Offer, Offer Sheet or other transaction, or (ii) take or fail to take any action whatsoever, if either (i) or (ii) is intended to or has the effect of defeating or Circumventing the provisions of this Agreement or the intention of the parties as reflected by the provisions of this Agreement, including without limitation, provisions with respect to the financial and other reporting obligations of the Clubs and the League, Team Payroll Range, Player Compensation Cost Redistribution System, the Entry Level System and/or Free Agency.

Obviously that’s a lot of excess provisions for the current situation. Reduced to what’s relevant, Section 26.3 reads:

CBA § 26.3: No Club or Club Actor, directly or indirectly, may: (i) enter into any agreements… if… (i)… is intended to or has the effect of defeating or Circumventing the provisions of this Agreement… including without limitation, provisions with respect to… Team Payroll Range… and/or Free Agency.

If GB is smart, he will omit any mention of intent, because frankly he does not have to show a lack of good faith in order to veto the agreement (and obviously there’s no need to go out of his way to insult Lou). Therefore, an arbitrator would not have to find that the deal was intended to circumvent the salary cap or that good faith had been breached, but rather simply that those final years at roughly a half-million per would have such an effect. Doesn’t seem like a very hard sell to me.” – Mike Yedinak (Thieving Giraffe)


The Ducks have signed Danny Syvret to a two-way deal. He becomes the new Brian Salcido there – dominant offensive AHL player and part-time NHL player. Salcido will play in the Czech League this year.


Erik Johnson on Twitter: “Haven’t we seen some contracts similar to Kovalchuks that were accepted by the league? Why now?”

I’ll answer that – the NHL didn’t want to approve the Hossa or Luongo deals, but figured if they could just make it to the next CBA without things getting even worse, then they’d be okay. No need to open up a can of worms by rejecting the contracts. But of course, if you give a GM an inch, they’ll take a mile. T