August 13, 2010

Jeff Angus



The Fantasy Guide is updated as of August 10. You can buy it here!


The Canucks, Oilers, Flames, Sharks, and Ducks will take part in a five-team prospects tournament in September in Penticton, BC (home of Duncan Keith, and about 30 minutes south from Kelowna). Edmonton’s star-studded roster has been released.


Waiting to post my thoughts on the Belanger signing, as it is obviously a precursor to another move. Washington has a few forwards too many as it is, and Belanger only further clouds the situation.


I have started working on my own projections for 2010-11, and it is interesting to compare them to Dobber’s. For the most part we agree, but there are more than a few cases where we don’t.


That is the beauty of this site, we have a ton of talented writers and members on the forums, and a lot of very different and informed opinions.


As long as you can justify a prediction, it’s fine by me. The easy way out (I see many other magainzes and guides doing this), is to say “There is NO way Player X will repeat what he did offensively in 2009-10.” OK…. and why? Give some concrete reasons!


I’ll share a few to spice things up:


Vincent Lecavalier approaches 100 points. I like this for a few reasons:


Gagne gives him a legit winger, even if the Stamkos-St.Louis connection remains in place.


He’s fully healthy after the shoulder injury almost two years ago.


A new coach, a new GM, a fresh start. No more being jerked around by ownership and management with regards to a trade. He isn’t getting traded. Period.


Age. It seems like Lecavalier has been around forever, but he’s only 30. Lots of gas left in the tank.


Dominic Moore becomes the checking center who will take all of the touch match ups. Lecavalier wouldn’t have filled this role, but Moore does take a bit of pressure off of both Lecavalier and Stamkos.


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Roberto Luongo having a monster season. I have done my best to put my Vancouver bias aside here. I really like Luongo heading in to 2010-11 because:


Vancouver has significantly upgraded their defense (and they may not be done yet). Their top four is all young, durable, and capable of logging heavy minutes in all situations. Mitchell may yet be back as well based on what I have been told…


He’s motivated. He proved he can win the big game (Gold Medal in Vancouver), but another dissapointing playoff exit will be the kick in the pants he needs to get back on track.


The Northwest Division has quietly gone from the best in the league to arguably the worst. Colorado won’t be a playoff team unless Craig Anderson turns in another super-human effort. Calgary will most certainly be better, but both Edmonton (no goaltending, too young), and Minnesota (just not that good) will be teams the Canucks can potentially feast on.


Another goalie