Top 10 Keeper League Goaltenders

Jeff Angus



I have a few general rules when it comes to building a team in a fantasy hockey keeper league. One of the more important ones is to not plan beyond a two or three year window. You are not building a real NHL club, and too often fantasy hockey poolies place an emphasis on youth and prospects over proven veterans with gas still left in the tank. So using my general rule, take a look at your team(s). Can you realistically say you will have a shot at winning the league at some point within the next two or three seasons? If not, time to scrap the rebuild and start adding proven NHL talent.


Keeping my rule in mind, I have compiled a list of the top 10 keeper league goalies to own (assuming standard keeper league rules and scoring categories). Using the two or three season scope, I had to balance proven production with young players on the verge of breaking out. I hope you enjoy!


For comparisons sake, check out the list put together by our goaltender expert Justin Goldman (although his list has a one-year focus). The goaltending position is far and away the toughest to predict in terms of development, which is why my list has more veterans than any of my other previous lists. It is too risky to rely on a young goalie compared to a young forward or defenseman. Additionally, many goalies can play at an elite level well into their late 30's and early 40's, unlike most forwards and defensemen. How the list works – since it is "in order," my point is that I wouldn't trade the second ranked goalie for the third ranked goalie in a standard, non-salary cap keeper league pool.


I also included where each of my picks ranks on Dobber's Top 100 Goalies list. Don't forget that his list accounts for playoff wins and trade carry-overs. Read his full criteria by clicking the link above.


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1. Roberto Luongo



Contract: $5.33 million per season, signed through 2021-22*

DobberHockey Keeper Ranking:1



The Canucks have vastly improved their defensive group since the 2009-10 season ended, adding Keith Ballard and Dan Hamhuis this summer. Both players can log minutes in all situations. Most importantly, however, both are