August 24, 2010

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Hornqvist deal is done. Three years, $9.25 million per Forechecker.


Goldie here – I was interviewed by Kent Wilson from Flames Nation on new backup Henrik Karlsson. He asked good questions.


Goldie – Regarding form-fitting pads, it’s a slippery slope of faulty logic. One you form-fit pads to a goalie’s specific leg measurements, you open up the floodgates for teams to use bigger goalies. The bigger they get, the bigger their pads will get. At the same time, they are getting faster as well. That’s the exact opposite of what the NHL wants to accomplish. They shot themselves in the foot with this rule. Simply put, form-fitting could force the NHL to one day regulate the actual size of the goalie. That’s very sad.


Early word on the new cart is that it will be a few days as we try and fix the “packages” settings so that it takes multiple files without forcing you to unzip them. When this is complete I want it so easy for you that you could bring in your three-year-old to buy it for you securely and download it.


Our buddy Dirk Hoag over at Forechecker is reporting that a Hornqvist contract is very close.


New shop was live briefly. Found a mistake with the downloads section, so put the old shop back up. I’ll keep you posted on progress.


Those who pick up Chill Magazine at the Beer Store may have occasionally noticed our Brent Lemon’s work. He has a fantasy hockey piece in this month’s issue, referencing the site, and you can read it online here.


Joffrey Lupul has a blood infection in his back that has returned and he will miss all of training camp and the first few games of the regular season. I’ll be downgrading him in the next Fantasy Guide update, which will be Sunday or Monday, barring anything Earth-shattering that happens in the fantasy world before then.


I should have an announcement on the Fantasy Guide shopping cart page later this morning.

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Puck Daddy is reporting that there was no contract submitted for Ilya Kovalchuk yesterday. A contract today, which was previously reported as a certainty, is no longer a certainty. The wait, of course, continues. Nothing is quick in the NHL (other than the game itself). The “No Hurry League”.


Justin Abdelkader has signed a two-year, one-way contract with the Red Wings, making this his first full season in the NHL. He will have little fantasy value in the year ahead.


I know I should pass this clip onto the side, but it’s not like I’m swimming in cool clips. This catch is awesome – the best replay is actually the original shot, so you only need t