August 31, 2010

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Sometimes, when I make certain guesses regarding a potential trade or signing, I look at what would be the dumbest, most mind-boggling thing that a player and/or general manager can do for his career/team. Then I make that my guess. Unfortunately, I didn’t do it with a couple of recent UFA signings. In fact, had I scanned the list of UFA’s carefully, I may have said “yeah, the Rangers are one team where Arron Asham fits okay… and Tim Kennedy fits the Penguins like a glove.” Had I looked at things more from the Bizarro World standpoint, I would have seen the Pens signing Asham and the Rags signing Kennedy from a mile away.


Seriously though, Kennedy? Underrated offense and deserves to be developed into a top sixer. Can he do that in New York? Sure. Nothing against him, or his fit with that team. It’s just that Mats Zucarrello- Aasen was someone I was looking forward to seeing succeed. Kennedy pushes him off the roster.


MZA – he could be Ville Leino 2.0 in terms of seasoning in the minors for year and impressing in stints. Watch for something like that. I’m not comparing style of play – just the situation and development trend.


Artem Anisimov has recovered from offseason hand surgery. He suffered an injury at the World Championship.


Alexei Kovalev is back skating. When last we saw him, he tore an ACL in his left knee. His big point getting days are behind him, regardless.


I have a Russian injury update theme going now, so I’ll keep at it – Andrei Markov is back skating on his own according to Habs Inside/Out’s Kevin Mio (who in turn cites RDS).


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Still with injuries, but not with Russians – Daymon Langkow has been cleared for light skating, according to the Calgary Herald. He still has a long way to go and that neck injury makes me highly recommend avoiding him in your league.


Also back skating – Pierre-Marc Bouchard.


Those of you who would like your forum name changed, I am doing a slew of them this afternoon. You can read details on this here.


The Fantasy Guide and Draft List have all been updated as of yesterday – buy it here!