September 11, 2010

Jeff Angus



A few predictions for 2010-11:


Lubomir Visnovsky leads the Western Conference in defensive scoring.


The Bruins win the Eastern Conference title. Love the mix they have both at forward and on defense. Washington takes a slight step back because of improvements made by Tampa Bay and Atlanta. Carolina will be better as well.


As a Vancouverite and fan of the Canucks, I feel that I have a very good read on the team. However, over the past 12 months, the Cody Hodgson situation has been absolutely mystifying to me. Contradictory reports left, right, and center.


If I didn't own him, I would stay away. If I did, I'd keep him. No use in selling low.


Jason Botchford pens this MUST READ piece about Hodgson. Botchford is one of only a few Vancouver hockey reporters worth a damn any more. You can also follow him on twitter @BotchonCanucks


The new DobberHockey shop is up and running! Want to buy the 2010-11 guide, check it out here.


Justin Bourne is now writing three days a week for Puck Daddy. It is only natural that one of the best hockey sites on the net has scooped up one of the best writers around. Bourne has a unique perspective as a recently retired former professional player, and he's a great writer. Very funny, engaging, and entertaining.


The theme of yesterday – RFA signings. Don't expect it to change as training camp approaches. I expect Neal and Bergfors to get locked up soon.


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Colorado signed Peter Mueller to a very cap-friendly two-year contract worth an average of $2 million per. Mueller's concussion issues definitely drove down the overall value (and term) of this deal. Look for him to skate on the wing with Duchene and Hejduk/Jones.


The Oilers got Cogliano to sign a one-year, $1 million contract. He won't be the offensive player many had hoped/expected at the NHL level (he just doesn't think the game fast enough), but he plays with some jam and can absolutely fly. Could develop into an elite checking winger.


Working on my latest article – should be up soon. Five best teams to "invest in" right now, and three years from now. Essentially I will break down which teams you should load up on (depending on your league format, of course) depending on when you want to win your pool.


The article will be posted within the next few days, as will Part IV of the Business of Fantasy Hockey series! I received a ton of feedback for this series (mostly positive), and a monthly piece will be released throughout this coming season.


The Rangers have invited Ruslan Fedotenko to training camp. Just what they need, another ineffective third line winger!


Vancouver and Detroit are the two class teams of the West right now (on paper). Chicago has