Previewing Our Season Preview

Justin Goldman




The preseason has finally come to an end and now we wait with feverish anticipation for the real season to begin. With three days off before Thursday's Opening Night celebration kicks off the new season, today is a perfect opportunity for me to drop updated goalie previews for the start of the fantasy season.


To quickly reflect on the summer, I'm very proud of my new Monthly Scouting Journal, which comes out on the fifth of each month. And since today is the fourth, I wanted to give everyone a sneak peek at the meat of our October Journal – a beefy season preview of all 60 NHL goalies. I chose five goalies that, for the time being, are at the forefront of the fantasy scene. On top of that, we have another Fantasy Mailbag set up to answer your questions all afternoon.




Remember we have to record Avalanche Weekly at noon MST here in Denver, so we'll catch up with you all afterwards! We will also add a few ramblings when the October Scouting Journal is published, but expect that to be early Tuesday afternoon. A few other current updates:


No decision has been made (as of 11am MST on Monday) on who stays and who goes between Jeff Deslauriers and Devan Dubnyk. I'll scream it to the heavens until my jaw breaks off, but JDD deserves this backup spot. He was terrific last night in the 1-0 loss to Calgary, with Dubnyk allowing the only goal of the game. JDD not only has the experience coming off the bench, has more skill and a more refined butterfly style, but he's only signed for one season. Dubnyk is signed for two years, is much more of a raw-skilled goalie and would be less likely to get picked up on waivers. This isn't a difficult decision, but who knows if the Oilers make the right one.


Jonathan Bernier was rewarded with the backup role in Los Angeles, so I hope you heeded my advice over the last month, as what I expected has come to fruition. Johan Backlund was waived by the Flyers, which pretty much guarantees that they will start the season with Sergei Bobrovsky backing up Brian Boucher. We can't decipher what the Flyers have in store for the future, but Bobrovsky deserves the opportunity to start the season with the big club and he will have chances to stick for good. His play and long-term potential has been the biggest surprise in the last month.


Michal Neuvirth is starting on opening night in Atlanta. The Capitals play again on Friday. No word yet on whether or not Semyon Varlamov will be ready in time for the start of the season, but b