Falling Back, Springing Forward

Justin Goldman




Try as you might, there's simply no way of stopping the inevitability of a goalie's sudden failure and surprising success. Every season, nay, every month, an unsuspecting group of them spring forward, while a few of the more valuable ones fall back and almost single-handedly crush your chance of winning it all.


But as I have come to learn over the years, it's not the goalies you draft that make or break your season. Rather it is the ones you acquire through a trade, or the ones lost on the free agent wire that you are able to project correctly before everyone else.




I know that last week's School of Block – the Economy of Movement – was met with some criticism. And rightfully so, for there is so much I can teach you about the current performance of many goalies and what their future performances might look like. On top of this, part of being a successful goalie scout is being able to project the upside of a young talent with potential.


That being said, after careful deliberation last week, I hope this combination of the usual School of Block analysis plus some projections for the coming weeks will create an unstoppable force that makes you an even better fantasy goalie manager than ever before! Let's start with three goalies that have been springing forward at a rapid pace over the past few weeks.


Oh yeah, and speaking of projecting the upside of a young talent, be sure to check out my scouting journal on Braden Holtby's first career start and win from Sunday afternoon's game against the Flyers!


SERGEI BOBROVSKY – Maybe no goalie has had more of a fantasy impact than Bobrovsky. His six-game winning streak was a surprising stretch in which he was able to adjust to the smaller surface and faster pace on a save-by-save basis. His strengths in regards to foot speed and tracking ability were on display nightly and many teams have not yet realized that they have to do everything they can to shoot high on him in order to score.


In last night's loss against the Capitals, two of the three goals he allowed were right over his glove and left shoulder. As I have been saying since training camp, this is his biggest area of weakness. Because of this, be aware of it on a nightly basis. Realize that teams that have played him before, including Pittsburgh, Washington and both NY crews