November 08, 2010

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Contest #3 answer: Umberger, Callahan, St. Louis. Congrats to James Gorman. James – send me an email with your pick of something in the shop, and your mailing address (dobber @ dobberhockey .com) Contest closed For a free DobberHockey shirt or hat, if you haven’t won a prize yet – “Tweet” to me the Top 3 forwards in Blocked Shots so far this season (hint: Frozen Pool will get you this answer quickly)


For our grand prize (a free customized putter – as noted below), I will be drawing from several names. These names are entered if they win a contest. The first contest can be found here.


Announcement – want your own section in the DobberHockey forum? As you know, we have several spots in the “blog” section, including “Dobber’s Take”, “Angus Unleashed” and “School of Block”. How would you like your own section? If you are interested, create a thread in the lounge section of the forum (entitled “why I deserve my own section”) and tell us what you contribute and why you should be chosen. I will hand pick five of you and have the DobberHockey community vote on those five. The winner WILL get his/her own section in the best fantasy hockey forum on the Internet!!


Goldie says: Neuvirth starts Tuesday and Varlamov probably returns this weekend. Check out my scouting report on Holtby’s impressive win last night. Chris Mason starts on Tuesday for ATL. Brodeur didn’t practice again today. Leclaire is healthy but Elliott will continue to start. And here’s today’s Fantasy Mailbag!


Wade Belak is the player I ran into on that fateful day. His career goal total is – eight. nebnebneb21 wins Contest #2. He’s our third two-time winner in four days. New rule going forward – if you have won before, you can’t win again. Except for the putter from Musty Putters, our grand prize. You can still vie for that one. But with 20,000 people and just 17 prizes I need to spread them out!


Contest now closed. Contest #2 – For a copy of the book – He Shoots, He Skewers!, in the lounge of the forum, post the name of the player I ran into on my way out of the office three years ago when I decided to give DobberHockey a go full time – in the subject line. And in the body, give me his career NHL goal total.


The Dobber Nation Radio Podcast will make it’s return in January!


GM Gates wins Contest #