Fantasy Indicators of Success (2010): Wingers

Ryan Ma




Continuing along with the third part of the series, this week we'll take a closer look at the Western Conference wingers. The fantasy value of a winger can easily be identified by interpreting the same two stats used to identify the value of blue-liners, which is PP ice-time and SOG. The reasoning behind it is very simple. PP ice-time usually separates players who are offensive-minded from those that are defensive-oriented. The more PP time they receive usually equates to more offensive opportunities they'll have to score with the advantage. On a similar note, SOG usually maintains a similar line of thought. The more a winger shoots, the higher the chance it goes into the net or creating offensive chances. The opposite also holds true, the less a winger shoots, the lower the chance that the puck goes into the net and the lower the offensive opportunities. Now that we've established clear indicators on determining the fantasy value of wingers, let's take a closer look at most of the wingers from the Western Conference.


NOTE: These ramblings are based on one-year leagues, and not meant for keeper/dynasty leagues.


Also I looked used the positions as listed on, so there might be some discrepancies in position compared to your league settings. Don't worry too much if a clear cut winger isn't listed. If I didn't cover the player this week, it'll be covered next week in the centers column.







Overall Ice-Time

PP Ice-Time


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