November 21, 2010

Dobber Sports



Greg Wyshynski with an excellent take on the Colin Campbell – Colie-mail – events.


Philadelphia has traded Patrick Maroon and David Laliberte to Anaheim for Danny Syvret and Rob Bordson. This is a new opportunity for Maroon, who has a lot more room on the depth chart in Anaheim than he did in Philly. Now Matt Beleskey has someone to fight with for a roster spot later this year.


It’s becoming pretty clear that Tom Gilbert doesn’t want to show up for fantasy owners until the final 25 games of the season. He did this last year and to a lesser extent the year before that. He’s a dropsy, if you haven’t already, but don’t hesitate to take a flyer on him in early February.


Devan Dubnyk, I think, should be a start for the week ahead. He’ll get all the starts and I believe he’ll get some wins. In his three starts so far he is 0-0-3. His numbers (and play) are far superior to Khabibulin’s (who is out with a groin injury).


I made the decision to start Dubnyk for this week over Petr Budaj. The latter has played very well, but I would stay away from the Colorado situation for a week or two. Anderson and he will split starts until one of them (Anderson) starts to pull away with the job.


Philly rearguard Sean O’Donnell is actually a plus-11 over the last three weeks (10 games). He has three assists in that span.


Kevin Shattenkirk has five points and is a plus-2 in his last nine games.


Justin Abdelkader has four points in two games and seven in his last eight. His ice time was up to 13:56 Friday. In fact, he had three points in three games, then zero in three, then four in two. Todd Bertuzzi had zero in three, five in three, and zero in two. When one power forward produces, the other does not. I found that interesting, that one line steps up when the other is snakebitten. I never thought of Abdelkader as more than a third liner with upside, and his “upside” odds were starting to dwindle as his role with the team continues to be on a depth line. But this recent Eric-Fehr-like streak makes me believe that I judged too soon. I should wait a couple of years yet before coming to a conculsion with this guy. Big and talented, and the Wings will need that desperately when Bertuzzi is gone.


Gregory Campbell didn’t actually score last night. Colie Campbell just overruled the official scorekeeper on that one.


Trevor Lewis picked up a pair of assists for the Kings. The 23-year-old needs to start making his mark, else he risks “bust” status.


With his fourth shutout of the season, Price tied Thomas for the league lead. Price also leads the NHL in wins with 12.
It feels good to be so right about a player when it seemed I was alone on an island the fantasy hockey world disagreed with me. Of course, I was on a similar island in my defense of Vincent Lecavalier, and that was a swing and a miss…but being right about Price feels good. Feels even better for Montreal management, I’ll bet (where are the Gainey bashers now?)


Angus must feel great – hours after proclaiming Steven Stamkos as one of the “Big 4”, Stammer goes out and bangs off four points (the NHL took away a point upon further review so he had four and not five)


Blake Comeau is pointless in his last seven and has just one in his last 11. He’s still