November 22, 2010

Dobber Sports



Patrick O’Sullivan has been placed on waivers. My money is on him clearing and heading to the AHL.


DobberBaseball’s Fantasy Prospects Report will be released later this evening. You can order that here.


Some funny comments below. To answer some of them – Michael Del Zotto has just three points in his last 18 games and is a minus-5 in that span. In a roto league with unlimited waiver wire rules, yes I would drop him. You can always make a play for him later. Five bucks please hahaha. What else…Kovalchuk. I can’t recommend dropping Kovalchuk. I did, however, deal him in the expert’s league yesterday along with Brassard and Eberle for Heatley. I have Savard coming off IR in about four weeks (likely) and several players I can nab off the wire to replace the other two guys.


Interesting note in the comments on Tanguay’s home vs. away stats, because I had been looking at that this morning for my THN article (you’ll see it tomorrow). I looked at some big road numbers for some players, vs. weak home numbers. So be on the lookout for that piece. Matt Cullen, Alex Semin and Loui Eriksson are some examples.


It’s the chicken and the egg question – is John Tavares slumping because the Isles are slumping? Or are the Isles slumping because of JT’s funk? Tavares played 23:23 Sunday and he saw 4:32 on the power play. But he has three points in his last 11 games and is a minus-10 in that span. Last year in February he had a run of 16 games with just three points (and minus-10 again). He then had 18 points in the following 13 games. So the slump won’t last forever, but historically it has lasted another two weeks.


Andrew Ladd continues to roll, as he has 21 points in 21 games – good for 21st in the league as of late last night (the 21st).


With another three last night, Jarome Iginla has eight points in his last four games, nearly setting his points back on their proper pace. But it’s Alex Tanguay who is the realy story – 17 points on the season, which translates to a 72-point pace. That’s his highest in four years. I do think he’ll finish with close to 70 because he is being treated like the No.2 winger on the team in terms of ice time and linemates.


Interesting decision by Sutter last night – Anton Babchuk had two seconds of PP time. Jay Bouwmeester had 1:59. That, my friends, is why they lost. Giving JBo all the PP time in the world doesn’t seem to make him a 50 (or in Calgary even a 40) point player. Whereas Babchuk has displayed that talent and then some.


Devan Dubnyk snapped the Oilers six-game losing streak. You knew it would be him and not Khabibulin. Not just because the latter is on the shelf, but because he sucks.


Naturally, the evening after I say that Tom Gilbert is a dropsy he gets two points. Does anyone have any bums on their team who they need to get going? I’ll just suggest dropping them in the ramblings. That will get them going. I’ll charge five bucks a player. Sound fair?


Seriously though, I don’t see this sustained from Gilbert because he really does have a tendency to really show up down the stretch, but be invisible otherwise. But the two-point game, even with one as an empty net goal actually scored by the other team (footage below), is enough to make me hang onto him another game before my “drop deadline”. He’s now living on bor