June 15, 2011

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Top 100 Roto Players for June can be found here


Adam Proteau gives a great Top 10 list of potential buyout candidates. I agree with every one of them except for Olesz. I do not believe that teams will buy out a player with three years left on the contract. Extremely rare, especially if the player is young. If he had two years left, then I would be on board.


No chance Horton plays tonight, per several sources including TSN. So moot point.


Nathan Horton made the trip to Vancouver and there is talk that he will get into the lineup for Game 7. This is what I meant last week (June 7) in the Ramblings when I said this:

“Probably a concussion, but the severity is unknown. I'm guessing some of that playoff magic spray will do the trick and have him up and ready to go by Game 6. You know the spray that I mean – the one that you squirt on yourself in the playoffs and you're magically healed when normally the injury will keep you sidelined for three months.”

A Boston fan tore me a new one for saying that. But I really don’t mean anything negative by it, I was just speaking about my thoughts on how quickly he could return. And here he is, possibly going to return. If this was December, we wouldn’t see him again for three months. But this is June, so we may see him eight days later. Magic Spray.


I enjoyed this piece by Puck Daddy comparing Luongo vs. Thomas, particularly this line: "much like when Roberto wore that Olympic gold medal around his neck in Vancouver last year, the accolades and the respect and the MVP award will go to the American goaltender who outplayed him in the tournament."


Matt Bugg, of course, will be at the Draft next week on behalf of DobberHockey. But I just learned that Justin Goldman will be there as well for NHL.com and the Goalie Guild, so we'll no doubt be beneficiaries of his insight as well. Lots of coverage this year, and we'll have the live chat up again and Bugg and Goldman will check in there too. If you're in the Toronto area, you can meet Justin (and myself) on Friday as we celebrate the launching of Dobber Nation at the Sports Centre Cafe at Yonge and St. Clair – 6pm.


Three to four months for Mason Raymond (fractured vertebrae) and not four to six months, as originally speculated. That gets him back around the first game of the season.


Don't forget – before Cal O'Reilly's season ended with a broken leg, he was leading Nashville in scoring for the better part of two months.


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