June 26, 2011

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Fantasy Prospects Report – buy it here. You can read the player profiles of all the players whom you just saw drafted – and Matthew Bugg did a great job this year, nailing the Top 4 as well as Toronto drafting Biggs, Ottawa drafting Puempel, TB nabbing Namestnikov, and Buffalo grabbing Armia. He's kicking himself for having Edmonton take Musil to start the second round in the original release – but then in the update he changed it! Anyway, kudos to Matt. He's always been good with this stuff, but I think this was his best year yet.


I started off on a Flyers ramble, and then it exploded into an article I just stuck on the main page. I hope you enjoy.


If Andrei Markov is worth $5.7 million (or $1 million per 10 games), then I guess Drew Doughty is worth $10.2 billion. Doughty has been reportedly offered just $5.7 million, though.


In Detroit's development system, you can count on Tomas Jurco being a star NHL player, it will just take two years longer than anticipated. Love that pick – the Wings score again. Tatar Part 2?


It was interesting to see the Vancouver Canucks draft a Swedish twin – Pathrik Westerholm – in the sixth round, but then not draft his brother Ponthus in the seventh round. Granted, Ponthus may not have the skills to be drafted and is more of a project, but the buzz alone in Vancouver from drafting Swedish twins would deflect attention from the riots. And Ponthus could still be developed – in fact, it is speculated that the team will just invite him to camp and sign him at that point. Since seventh-round picks rarely pan out, why not just draft him and get the headlines? But far be it to criticize one of my favorite GM's in the league. It's just a head scratcher, that's all. Ponthus is the Henrik to Pathrik's Daniel.


The Bruins were brilliant to grab Alexander Khokhlachev in the second round. His skills are Top 15…but it's the KHL factor that dropped him. But the B's are so deep that it wouldn't hurt him if he didn't report. However, if he does report, they have added a potential star. Lots of respect for that move…


Piano keys on the collar? Pretty, uh, unique.


Tampa Bay took three Russians Saturday. Man, that Yzerman is fearless, eh?


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The Coyotes added some depth by acquiring MA Pouliot from Tampa in exchange for the 201st overall pick.


I was just starting to respect Jay Feaster and what he has been doing…and then he went and signed Alex Tanguay long term like that. His only p