August 22, 2011

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Blast from the past: David Aebischer has been invited by the Jets to come and try out. That's where Ray Emery should have went. Sure, Aebischer will probably sign on as the No. 3 goalie, but I think Pavelec gets hurt often enough to ensure that he'll get a recall or two.


I don't think the Jets will have a good year at all, though. I'm not a big fan of their roster. But the main reason is because they have a smart GM. If I'm the GM, I know that the fans are drooling all over the return of my team. So I know that I'll get a couple of years leeway – so I'm going to use that to build the foundation of a powerhouse. That means a Top 3 pick next year, a Top 3 pick the year after that…and hopefully one more after that. Add to Kane, Little, Burmistrov and the Big 3 defensemen. They need a franchise player, and you get those in the draft.


So given all the L's that are in store for this team, I wonder why CBC chose to air 22 Jets games this year compared to 17 Vancouver? Prediction: CBC will change that by midseason. Granted, Manitobans will flock to the arena and to their TVs, but in most of the other provinces the ratings won't match what the Canucks or the young Oilers garner. Exception: the first two or three games. Everyone in Canada wants to see the Jets play again, so those games will see massive ratings. I'm talking about in January when the team is 17-24-4.


Coming (hopefully) this week: the launch of the shop over at Dobber Sports (you can always access this site quickly via the link on the top right – click "Dobber Sports"). What this means is that you can, at that point, purchase subscriptions to Goalie Post, Frozen Pool as well as expanded packages involving the Dobber Sports Network: Gold, Silver and Bronze – we will be offering up reduced rates for my Ultimate Fantasy Pack when it is combined with a subscription through one of the other sites. Already bought the UFP? Not to worry, we'll manually enter things. How? I don't know. But I will know when the time comes ;)


Coming (hopefully) next week: an iPhone app that you can use to help you in your draft. Uses my predictions, sortable, etc. $4.99. Details on that to come.


Coming soon – another contest for those who like the Network on Facebook. Scott "Sin Bin" Parker was kind enough to donate an autographed Sergei Gonchar picture. I'd like to find another prize or two and then have a random draw. Spread the word! Like us on Facebook!

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The Top Goalie rankings for this month are delayed until we launch Goalie Post…which really is just kinda waiting on the Shop thing that I mentioned above.


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