August 24, 2011

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Fantasy Guide was updated yesterday. The Goalie Rankings will be updated as soon as Goalie Post subscriptions go on sale – which should be by the end of this week or Monday at the latest.


My offseason fantasy look at the Devils, Isles, Rangers, Sens and Flyers over at The Hockey News.


Lots of links today, here's a great interview by Copper and Blue as they fire a few questions at Jeff Angus. I agree wholeheartedly with everything Angus says – even the part where he says we disagree…because my belief in Hopkins making the Oilers has slowly…slowly …dipped from being 80% certain to 51%. I'll update my wording in the Guide in next week's update, but I did publicly give my thoughts on the matter here in a THN column from two weeks ago. Until that percentage dips to 49%, I'll keep the projection in place – and that probably won't happen until I see training camp.


Interesting point here by Brian Hedger – Marian Hossa finally gets a nice, long summer off. How true is that? The guy has been hurt for much of the last several years – and finally he gets nearly five months off. That definitely doesn't hurt the ol' production.


In conversation with DobberHockey pal Mike Colligan, he let me know that Dan Bylsma plans to go with four forwards and one defenseman on the power play. Then he floated a theory as to why the prospect forwards aren't making any leeway and why the team continues to draft blue-chip defensemen. It's all about the market. They can trade a Ryan Whitney and get a Chris Kunitz. They can trade an Alex Goligoski and land a James Neal.  Sounds like a good strategy to me, and it's a good reason to roll Dustin Jeffrey and Eric Tangradi back a little in your rankings. Check out this quote that Mike scooped right here (look under Defense First). Not often that one conversation changes my line of thought so much.


That Hossa point still has me thinking, too. Man, this has to be the best August 24th ramblings I've ever done…


Something tells me that Bobrovsky's going to be just…fine. (referring to the picture, but sure the article is interesting, too)


The Sens have signed Josh Godfrey to a minor league contract. At one time, he was a pretty highly touted prospect in Washington.

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I was asked on Twitter about the Sabres back end and I have to say – they better not put Pominville there on the PP. It should be Ehrhoff and Myers and the Sekera and Leopold will man the second unit. But in my books, Gragnani should be with Ehrhoff, while the Myers/Sekera tandem runs the second unit. Leopold would then be out of the PP mix. And although he is decent, I don't think he moves the puck as well as the other four. But in the NHL, being a proven commodity goes a long way and that is why Gragnani gets the short end of the stick.


I was also asked about Nick Lidstrom this year. I think he still has a 50-point season in him. The guy is a machine. Can he get to 60? I don't think so. Especially with Rafalski gone.


Another question – salary cap keeper league – Crawford at $16 or Howard at $13? No-brainer. Howard. Proven for an extra year, cheaper, and on a team that will get more W's.


The best of Marian Hossa: