September 09, 2011

Dobber Sports



My Draft Buddy iPhone app…updated yesterday – iTunes just needs to process the update. Should be later today. But I stocked it with notes and updated everything. The last update was 10 days ago and of course the only comment in the iTunes shop was how outdated it was. Meanwhile, it will never be 10 days behind again – I took a mini-vacation during a dead week!


Another quick update I meant to fix earlier – Wellwood signed with the Jets, not the Sharks, as noted below. Probably a better opportunity for him there, but still not draftable.


Some notes from Twitter – Jerry D’Amigo will miss this weekend’s tourney in Oshawa (back) but will be okay for the main camp. Also, Zach Parise was recently engaged – wedding is set for next July. I’ll be in Oshawa for three games this weekend – Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday


No surprise here in that the St. Louis Blues have announced David Backes as their captain. He was my pick too. I am surprised that they want to go with four alternate captains. To me that comes off as a little bit of waffling, trying to appease too many. I would pick Andy McDonald and Barrett Jackman and leave it at that. But the Blues went with McDonald, Langenbrunner, Steen and Jackman. That does make a nice statement about Steen, kudos to him. It says to me that he’ll never see fewer than 14 minutes of ice time. Despite their depth, his spot is safe.


Just a quick note regarding Yahoo! positions. They have a standard that they have decided to follow – the NHL designation of a player is the designation that they use. To do otherwise, could potentially be arbitrary. A LW was on RW for five games so he should be changed? What if it was four? And once they use four as a standard for a few months…why not three? After awhile, users wonder why, after two games at LW, a RW doesn’t have the position added yet. Then it becomes one game, then one shift…where is the line? So the line has been set – official league designation.


Now – this is easy in Major League Baseball. That league has their own standard. If a RF plays LF for 10 games, the designation is added…and in turn Yahoo! adds it as well. But in the NHL, there is no such standard. A player could play three games at LW or 15 games at LW and not get the designation changed (as far as I know). So Yahoo! is at the mercy of the league on this one, as that is the standard that they decided to follow. Either blame the league, or ask Yahoo! to be a little more flexible and forget about waiting on the league.


Richard Park is back with the Penguins. I thought he retired? The 35-year-old signed a two-way contract and I figure he's about eighth in line to get the call-up. But then again, last year, they went through more than eight at one point. Remember that? Even Brett Sterling was called. (And all he did was score every time he played. That hardly qualifies for an NHL shot. But I digress…)


The KHL has delayed their season by a week. From what I gather from mostly Dmitry Chesnokov's reporting (very quality, that)…each KHL team will donate and pay for a player to play for Lokomotiv. As well, Alexei Ya