Why Goalie Post Kicks Ass

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My partner Justin Goldman (@thegoalieguild on Twitter), quickly explains some the new features (as well as some key, ‘must-see’ features) over at the Goalie Post. This is the premier site for fantasy goalie/starting NHL goalie information.


Last year the website was 100% a pay site. We have made some key things free and have added to the Premium area. Now I would say that it is 60% pay. Founder Jeff Hillen is still a big part of this website, and as far as evaluating goalies are concerned – is there anyone better than Goldman? So the content has increased – for both free and Premium. And the payment flexibility has improved.


Hillen loves his creation and only time constaints made him sell. The site is too much for one man with a young family to handle. That’s why other sites (and many have tried) Goalie Post one have shut down. This attempt here gave up. So did this one. They’ll tell you first hand that it’s not easy keeping tabs on the starting goalie announcements 24/7 – and to add incredibly goalie tips content on top of that? Forget about it.


Do other sites have a professional full-time goalie scout? That’s what Goldman does 24/7. Do other sites have a professional full-time fantasy hockey fanatic? As you all know – that’s me. Accurate starting goalie information from Goldman. Incredible scheduling tools from Hillen. Fantasy analysis from myself.


Getting back to the payment flexibility point. Hillen didn’t have the time to offer anything more than a $9.99 annual membership. With our help, the options are many:


1. You can visit the site for free and get today’s starting goaltenders


2. You can pay $9.99 for an annual membership (get email updates, tomorrow’s starters, the weekly grid, Goldman’s exclusive subscription magazine, etc) – 83 cents per month – and support the hard work.


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3. You can pay $3.99 and just try it for a month


4. You can pay $16.99 and combine this membership with the Frozen Pool one (works out to 71 cents per month) like J.P. from Japer’s Rink did: