October 20, 2011

Jeff Angus



Magus Paajarvi may make for a solid one-year buy low candidate right now – zero points in five games. He has played pretty good, and he looked terrific in the preseason.


My weekly column – ‘Delivering the Sauce’ – is now posted over at the Canucks Army.


I wanted to extend a congrats out to Gates Imbeau, who has been hired by Fantrax to write a weekly column. Gates put his time in (and then some) over on the forums, writing game reports, helping others out, and he then progressed into writing our monthly top 100 roto players list (and put together a superb PDF package with tons of content). Great work doesn’t go unnoticed.


To any of you who have helped me out with my interest in the opening gig at the Province newspaper in Vancouver, thank you very much. I have managed to build some awesome relationships through this site and my other writing endeavors, and the amount of feedback and responses I received has been overwhelming and really quite amazing.


The Kurtenbloggers were hired away by NBC to do some writing there. They covered the Canucks for the Province and TEAM 1040 radio station and took a satirical/fan point of view with their work. My passion is hockey, and writing has developed into one as well. I’m hopeful that whatever I do in the future can combine both of them (like I am able to do each day for this site).


The consistency and accuracy of the band-aid boys list is amazing – not even the end of October, and Connolly, Hemsky, Havlat, and DiPietro are all injured already. More on the list (as well as some honourable mentions) right here.


The Luongo/fan situation in Vancouver has the potential to get toxic. At this point, he needs to play near flawlessly to earn any sort of accolade. As a poolie, now is a huge buy low opportunity. He's locked in for another decade and going nowhere. The slow starts are a common trend – it only seems worse this season because the playoff collapse is still so fresh in our memories.


Every time I see Burmistrov play, I come away more and more impressed. Incredibly smart player who competes very hard, and he has magic hands. Could really take off once Winnipeg's other young talents begin to emerge.


The Leafs are a ton of fun to watch. Phil Kessel is absolutely scorching right now – opposing defensemen are so careful not to give him any gap, yet he still finds a way to get open. Lupul is getting his looks, and Jake Gardiner was great last night. The mobility of him and Liles on the back end has already made Toronto a much, much better team.


Matt Frattin may have zero points, but if he keeps playing like he has the production will come. He forced his way on to the second line and even scored the shootout winner.


The Leafs used David Steckel as a specialist on the PP and at the end of the game last night – he was a beast on the draw and possession is everything in those important situations. No fantasy upside, but an interesting tactic that worked out well for them.


There really should be an award for the best agent of the year. Cam Barker getting over $2 million per from the Oilers? A grea