November 22, 2011

Dobber Sports



DobberBaseball Fantasy Prospects Report – released yesterday – be sure to drop by the site and pick that up if you're in a baseball keeper league.


TSN is reporting that Kyle Turris is about to sign a two-year deal. There is not a doubt in my mind that a trade will happen next. My favorite two teams for a move? Calgary and Ottawa.


Matt Beleskey has been placed on waivers. He hasn’t been the same player since his concussion last year and they need to get him into the AHL to find his game again.


Salary cappers – check out my THN column from yesterday here. Also, my Puck Daddy piece can be found here.


So… what's the protocol here when I know that my readers are sick of the Crosby talk from TV, highlights, Twitter, other sites, etc. But at the same time, he posts four points in his first game? Do I talk about him? Ignore it? What? Bah, I gotta say something, right?


Before the game I asked my wife how many he would get. Her guess? Zero. My guess? Four points. Bang on again. Man, I'm on a hot streak this season like I haven't seen in a good four years. Everything I'm touching seems to be gold – so you'd be wise to pay attention now. I think I've inched my "right 52% of the time" thing up to 53% now.


Pascal Dupuis rode shotgun with Sid and tallied three assists. He has 17 points on the season and could finally break that 40 barrier that he hasn't touched since his sophomore year when he had 48. But keep in mind that when line juggling happened, it was Dupuis who went off the line and not Kunitz.


Disappointed not to see Staal play with Malkin. We did get to see Malkin play with Crosby a lot.


The fact of the matter is – if Scott Gomez has 42 points in his last 92 games, then he doesn't deserve 18 minutes of ice time. Ever. Until Jacques Martin gets that into his head, the team will fall short of their potential. Better forwards are seeing fewer minutes because of this stubborn obsession with treating Gomez like a 70-point guy. If he's a role player, then treat him as such and give him 11 minutes on the checking line.


This is getting silly. Kris Versteeg is showing no signs of slowing down and you know what? I don't think it will a whole lot. Not as long as all three of the members of that line stay healthy, the line won't stop. It may slow so that all three fall inches short of 70 points. But no worse than that – but all three of these guys need to stay healthy. If one guy gets hurt for a few games, all bets are off and chemistry is compromised. That's 25 points in 20 games for Versteeg, 21 for Weiss and 20 for Fleischmann. If Versteeg gets 30 in 60 going forward, it's still a 55-point season.


The only forward to see more ice time last night than Matt Read was Claude Giroux. Of course, Jagr was out, but still. Question – how does a guy with such a skill set go undrafted? Read, by the way, scored. Earlier in the day he was named NHL's third star of the week.


Sean Couturier saw a season low 6:44.


In six games since being blown out by the Jets, Ilya Bryzgalov has not allowed more than two goals in a game. Until last night when he let four by him.


Jeff Carter has awakened. Gi