December 13, 2011

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piece from Chesnokov , gives hope that he’ll at least be back to try again one more time next year.

Jason Arbuthnot did not have time to put together a Frozen Pool Forensics column this week, but he whipped up some quick thoughts which I will put here in blue in case you’re starved for fantasy content!


Sam Gagner

–  "Hey Taylor, maybe it's best if you just relaxed and took it easy over Christmas. Y'know, hang out with the family, play some xbox… I wouldn't want you to get hurt by coming back too soon."

Taylor Hall

– "Thanks Sam but I really want to get back there. Besides, my shoulder feels great and I have to get back to harvesting dozens of points with


and The Nuge!"

Sam Gagner

– "Maybe you didn't hear me: I wouldn't want you to get hurt."

Cam Fowler

– with


gone, it's a good sign that


is close to returning. Let's pray he starts piling on the points because it's quite evident that