December 13, 2011

Dobber Sports




piece from Chesnokov , gives hope that he’ll at least be back to try again one more time next year.

Jason Arbuthnot did not have time to put together a Frozen Pool Forensics column this week, but he whipped up some quick thoughts which I will put here in blue in case you’re starved for fantasy content!


Sam Gagner

–  "Hey Taylor, maybe it's best if you just relaxed and took it easy over Christmas. Y'know, hang out with the family, play some xbox… I wouldn't want you to get hurt by coming back too soon."

Taylor Hall

– "Thanks Sam but I really want to get back there. Besides, my shoulder feels great and I have to get back to harvesting dozens of points with


and The Nuge!"

Sam Gagner

– "Maybe you didn't hear me: I wouldn't want you to get hurt."

Cam Fowler

– with


gone, it's a good sign that


is close to returning. Let's pray he starts piling on the points because it's quite evident that


is vital to the well being of the Ducks PP Machine.

Jamie McBain

– is flourishing. Why does this guy have a habit of showing you brilliance just when you're about to write him off for the 10 th time. He and his partner