15 Prime Cuts – Deadline Edition

Jeff Angus





This week, I weigh in with my thoughts on what we can expect to see on deadline day, offering my thoughts on what will happen with the 10 most sought after players.


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1. I think the Hemsky signing was a really good move for the Oilers. Sure, giving a raise to a player on pace for less than 10 goals sounds asinine, but the term makes perfect sense for Edmonton. Hemsky's deal is for two years – it won't interfere with any extensions needed for the three young stars up front. He didn't receive any sort of protective clause, meaning trading him wouldn't be all that difficult. And most importantly, he's a really good player (when healthy, of course). I am usually quite critical of Edmonton's management, but they made a good move here.


2. Don't forget – cap space is an asset. This often gets lost in the craziness of deadline day.


3. It sounds like the Predators are going to be very, very aggressive tomorrow. And why not? This is likely their last kick at the can with Rinne, Suter, and Weber all on one team. Martin Erat is having a really good season, but they would love to add at least one more forward who can score some goals. David Jones would be a really nice fit – could do a lot of what Joel Ward did for them last spring (different players, but both can score goals and play at both ends of the ice).


4. I'm expecting Dallas to be busy, too. Not sellers, not buyers, but setting the table for the future. They have an owner committed to spending money, and they have a core to build around – Daley, Goligoski, Benn, Eriksson, and Lehtonen.


5. Does San Jose make a desperation move to shake things up? Can they still win with their current core? Doug Wilson has to be on the hot seat a bit, especially with the awful hockey the Sharks have been playing all month long.


The trade targets…


10. Jason Garrison – Florida. The NHL's second leading goal scorer among all defensemen is likely to be on the move, as he and the Panthers are very far apart in contract negotiations. Florida may keep him in order to help with the playoff push, but they would be foolish to not listen to offers from other clubs. Garrison isn't a proven asset, but he's dependable and can chip in with offense. I'd bet he is on the move.