February 28, 2012

Dobber Sports



I think we can all agree that it was the worst Trade Deadline Day ever. But was it really that bad? I put it mildly worse than last year. We still got our 16 deals and 31 players moving. We just had high expectations. If Nash went, would it have gone from the worst to the best? What about if Nash went, and Ott went? Would that have done it? I say yes. If those two deals went, it would have been the best trade deadline ever. So the difference between best and worst lie there. Imagine how bad the day would be had Hodgson/ Kassian not happened!


Many Canucks fans are very upset about the moves, but I like them. You know that Hodgson and the Canucks weren't buddy/buddy just from how things went down two summers ago. And kudos to them for keeping it behind the scenes all this time, because most had forgotten all about it. But Hodgson's value is the highest it has been since the drafted him, so waiting to that value to build was a smart thing. And getting a top power forward prospect is exceedingly difficult. Adding Gragnani, who is almost an Ehrhoff clone (if you remember what Ehrhoff's track record was when he first joined the Canucks) also helps.


And one more thing Canuck's fans. Jeff Angus pointed this out to me in an email last night – the big winner is Ryan Kesler. "Hodgson was playing really, really sheltered mins. Kes was playing tough mins. Pahlsson takes all of those tough mins, and kes will see way more offensive opportunities". Very good point.


I had exactly 2000 readers join my live chat yesterday. Great number, but actually 700 fewer than last year, if that's not an indication of perceived lack of deadline excitement I don't know what is. But it's also because so many other sites are having live chats now, so more competition, plus the fact that I tried to occasionally bury the chat off the front page headline.


I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that there were 28 shots in the Rangers/Devils game. Total. New York had 15, New Jersey had 13.  Eight shots combined in the first period and again in the third.


This is unbelievable – the Devils gave up 46 shots on Brodeur over the last three games. Or about 15 per game. They lost all three. He gave up seven goals, making 39 saves.


As Zidlicky continues to go pointless into his New Jersey tenure and is a minus-3. Granted, two goals against are via empty net, but isn't that worse? Giving up a shot when you have an extra player advantage? I dunno….myself, I would have let it ride with Taormina. He was getting a point each game (small sample size, granted) and I would like to see how that plays out before scratching him.


Carl Hagelin has four points in his last two games and through half a season he has proven to be a 50- or 55-point player. Great start for the 23-year-old, but wonder if he has the upside for 65? Still, what a great scoring option for the third line, occasionally second line.


The Preds won an important game, shutting down the Kings. The winners of Deadline Week in my opinion. Gaustad and Gill add great size. Kostitsyn, who didn't get into the lineup last night, will give a good 'pop' on the offense.


Patric Hornqvist is being used sparingly. I don't know if he's just being eased back in from his injury (probably) but he's been getting about 12 minutes per game.


So what I'm seeing is – and I'm only saying – Ryan Nugent-Hopkins has been back for two games and has a point in each of them. Sam Gagner is pointless in those games. Edmonton line combos: RNH with Hall and Hemsky; Gagner with Smyth and Eberle; Horcoff with Eager and Jones. Very nice. When healthy