March 19, 2012

Dobber Sports



BREAKING: Alexander Radulov has reportedly reached an agreement (note – link updated again at 9am ET) with his KHL club to be released from the contract there. Barry Trotz: "I don't expect him to play against the Edmonton Oilers (Tuesday) but I'd like to him in Pittsburgh (Thursday)." I'm going to break down the implications of this massive fantasy hockey news before 1:30pm ET.


Correction on the below – it is PETE HADLEY who is leading the Experts League, not John Ireton. I mixed him up with another strong fantasy player who fell ju-u-ust short last year of winning the Experts League.  But Hadley is the guy who has won his way up the ladder and is now beating the experts!


This got buried pretty quickly, but it’s a good read – Chris Nicholls on the importance of paying attention down the stretch, even if your team is out of it.


So I wrote this ramble on the Leafs and Brian Burke, and how some of the media talking heads figure he's had enough time with this project. But then it turned into a full-blown article, so I here is my piece on Brian Burke and the state of the Maple Leafs.


I fired off a $100 check to Hockey Fights Cancer, as a result of losing a bet to B. Kerr of Last Word On Sports. Kerr was upset in September when I said that Erik Cole would never get 50 points again. Uh, oops? Cole has reached that number already. But can I say I lose a bet if the cash goes to support the fight against cancer? It was win-win. You can donate as well by following the HFC link above.


Here is Sunday morning's Studs and Duds piece.


I committed a cardinal sin in fantasy hockey on Friday. The Expert's League roster deadline of noon was missed by 13 minutes. It being my fourth league and the fact that I was sick much of last week contributed. But my team I thought had been stuck battling for sixth/seventh has surged up to third place in just one week. So missing the deadline was stupid to say the least. The resurgence was due to Ilya Bryzgalov and Danny Briere finally showing up. By the way, ahead of me is Ryan Ma at 101 points, and John Ireton Pete Hadley (sorry Pete for the mix-up) – the fellow I warned you about – at 102 points. Ireton moved up from the Entry Tier two years ago, and graduated by winning the Pro Tier last year. Now he's winning the Experts Tier. If he wins, I'll do what I can to convince him to give us all some tips, because clearly he's the best of the best. You don't win that often by accident.


Chris Nicholls made a great point yesterday – Mikhail Grabovski's jersey not being tied down Saturday could have won some H2H battles for the week. It gave him 25 PIM on a cheesy oversight (why would Grabovski want to tie down his jersey?). Nicholls says "get PIM as a positive stat the hell out of fantasy". And I wholeheartedly agre