Saturday Picks – February 23, 2013

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Bobby Hull


Anthony checks in with his picks for NHL action on Saturday, February 23rd.


Kudos to our boy Marty last week for A) Doing me a solid, throwing down last week's picks in my absence while I jetted off to the Windy City to take in the Blackhawks and the visiting Stanley Cup Hangover Boys defending champs & B) Doing so with authority!

He not only nailed all but two of his picks, but also went the extra mile, boldly (and correctly) pegging the Ducks to take the Preds in SOs as well as a blowout for the boys in blue in the Battle of Ontario. Now that I've pumped his tires with gratitude, time to dive into this Saturday's six pack!

New Jersey @ Washington (12:00pm ET)
By the Numbers – Frozen Pools


We've spent enough time here already debating the merits of which Caps goaltender will be the one to steer the boat, and not even Adam Oates has the slightest idea who to go with. So with that being said, let's look at this projection from another angle. I bet not many of you realized that the basement dwelling Caps actually are besting the Eastern Conference leading Devils in goals per game, albeit barely. But clearly a team that gets criticized for a lack of production from its superstars has been given an unfair rap for its team-wide goal scoring struggles. It must come down to inopportune scoring timing for me, in that they have a tendency to either not be in it at all, or romping their opponents……..and untimely goaltending of course. It's only a matter of time before Was