Cheap NHL Labor – Part 1

Eric Daoust




Daoust takes a look at salary cap bargains that can put you over the top

This week we begin a multi-part series that will cover many NHL players who are delivering good fantasy numbers at a bargain price in the shortened season. Obviously, the team that wins a league with a salary cap is the one that gets the best value out of every dollar allocated to its roster. This will include players who have a cost that is near the league minimum. Getting the most out of them can go a long way towards improving your chances of winning.


The focus will be put on players who have a cap hit under $1 million for at least this year and next year. Some have real potential to be scoring line players for years to come while others are shorter-term solutions that can still give your team a boost in the proper setting.


Alex Killorn (C) – Tampa Bay
2012-13: $875,000
2013-14: $875,000