Saturday Picks – April 27, 2013

Anthony Lancione





Thanks to Anthony and Marty for doing a great job with this column in 2013.


It had to come to an end sometime – my incredible 20-4 run over the past few months hit a spee bump last week, as I picked correctly on only one of my six picks. However, the 71% winning percentage isn't too shabby on the whole. I'll try my best to close out on a high note and maintain my 70% rate for the regular season. Now off to the final Saturday slate of the 2013 regular season we go!

(By the way, Nice call Marty on nailing Vancouver to take down Detroit in shootouts last week!)  


Stats as of Friday morning
Winning % on the season= 71%
Previous Week Record= 1-5!


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Detroit @ Dallas (7:00pm ET)
By the Numbers – Frozen Pools

Do or die time! Or maybe I should tagline it 'Do or Risk Dying' for Detroit as the Wings' destiny is in their hands. A win would clinch themselves a playoff spot, as they'd be out of reach of Columbus. Yet a loss could be enough as well, as a regulation or post-regulation loss by Columbus would also do the trick. Sitting in 9th place, three points back of the Blue Jackets heading into Wednesday night's con