July 2, 2013

Dobber Sports


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In the least shocking news of the day, Rick DiPietro will be bought out by the Islanders. The guy gets a hefty $1.5 million per year until 2029 and he can do whatever he wants, so feel sorry for him – just not too much. Look at the bright side, Rick. People pay $5 at the convenience store for a scratch ticket that they can only pray will give them $1.5 million per year for 15 years. You get that, and you get to continue to play pro hockey if you choose.

And yes, on a ‘backup goalie’ contract for one year, I don’t see why most teams wouldn’t be interested in signing DiPietro. Low risk, low cost.

Last call for what the Dobber Sports community has called ‘the Cambodia fund’. A thread that started up in the forum about getting a couple of t-shirts has exploded into over $1000 in donations to help families in Cambodia get their medicine. You can read all about here.


What a great weekend. Not just for weather and family/friends, but the action in the hockey world was exciting. Seth Jones sliding to fourth? Teams stuck with their game plan and I admire that. Colorado made the right move drafting Nathan MacKinnon, though Jones wouldn’t have been considered a ‘wrong’ move. Florida taking Barkov was the shocker. He was fourth on a lot of lists, but I didn’t see him second on any. Obviously he was second on one list!

I think Florida needed Jones. Barkov will be a great player, but I think they’ll kick themselves letting Jones by. I can understand Tampa taking Drouin. They were probably caught off guard that Jones was still there…but kudos to them for sticking with their pre-draft game plan and giving TB a replacement for Martin St. Louis in three years.

And then we got to Nashville, a team that was looking at Barkov. But then Jones was served up to them and they had to go with him – even though a skilled defenseman is the last thing they need both now and down the road. But man, does this give them options. How great a forward could a Ryan Ellis trade get them?




Seth Jones being NHL-ready and all… hell, he’s “star” ready… well, that has to push TJ Brennan’s hopes right out the window.

I have to see what Nashville does. I mean, Ryan Ellis and Jonathan Blum have high upside, but we’re still waiting on them. TJ Brennan deserves a fair shake. Mattias Ekholm is ready to make the jump. And Victor Bartley has proven he belongs. With Jones that’s nine defensemen.

That being said, I have no interest in drafting Jones in the first round now. Any team but the offense-stifling Nashville. If, for some crazy reason, he slips to the second round, then I’d